Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good Evening From Springfield!

Hi again everyone from the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, VA for the Ponytail Promotions pro-am card.

The amateurs are in action at this point and we will give you the results later this evening.  I am being pressed into ring announcing duties this evening.  Actually, pressed is not completely true.  I thought I was just announcing the main event.

One pro bout has been scratched this evening -- Edgar Torres will not face Anthony Walls.  Walls was a no-show.

Speaking of ring announcing, I've received word that one of the legendary east coast voices has left us.  Veteran ring announcer Ed Derian passed away yesterday.  Mr. Derian was a fixture in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York and was the main announcer on USA Network's Tuesday Night Fights, which brought him to DC on numerous occasions.

I had the honor of meeting Mr. Derian a few times.  He was a nice man.  The last time I spoke to him was about 10 years ago at the DC Armory.  The conversation came across some accidental research I was doing on Roller Derby.  Mr. Derian was one of the great onside track announcers of that legendary sport.  Mr. Derian and his wife were very happy and surprised to know someone remembered.

He was a solid announcer and a fixture in TV boxing.  Rest in peace, Ed Derian...Derian.

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