Saturday, August 23, 2014

Intermission Recap From Baltimore!

We're doing something a little different tonight here at the Patapsco Arena in Baltimore.  I am recording podcasts on of tonight's bouts.  Joining me for commentary on the podcast is legendary Philadelphia writer George Hanson, Jr.

If you don't want to know the results, stop reading now.

Edwin "El Matador" Reyes
won a four-round majority decision over Benjamin "Wildcat" Olinga. Reyes's corner, led by legendary Adrian Davis, won this bout for him.  Reyes moved from side to side and allowed Olinga to come forward.  Reyes was more aggressive the rest of the way and that gave him the edge.  Reyes won by scores of 39-37 (twice). One judge had it even.

Reyes goes the distance for the first time and is now 4-0, three KO's.  Olinga is now 1-8. 

Mario "Bazooka" Flores used a crushing shot to the solar plexus to stop Devon Mosley at 58 seconds of the first.

Baltimore heavyweights Lonnie Kornegay and Alando Pugh fought to a four-round majority draw.

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