Thursday, June 12, 2014

Weights From Rosecroft!

Here is the scale watch for the Keystone Boxing Promotions card on Friday, June 13 at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD:

Jarrett Hurd 158 1/2 (right) vs. Josh Robertson 159 1/2

Kevin Rivers, Jr. 124 1/2 vs. Xavier Montelongo 126

Marq Johns 126 vs. Tony Green, Jr. 125

Myke Fox 136 1/2 vs. Benjamin Olinga 139 1/2

Emanuel Johnson 135 vs. Mason Wickett 132

Maurice Adams, Jr. 117 1/2 vs. Arthur Parker 122

Patrick Harris 139 vs. George Palmer 141 1/2 (both weighed in this morning).

General Admission tickets are completely sold out and about 200 ringside tickets are available.


Anonymous said...

Big ups to all of the beltway boxers on the June13 Rosecroft card. Let's stop with the hating and start with the appreciating

Anonymous said...

Why they all are fighting bums so you keep it real, fight some real fight go every wear and fight

Anonymous said...

Let's go Moe!

Anonymous said...

Since you have so much to say, promote a fight and paid enough money to take risky fights. Local show, local competitive fights. Have some peace in your heart to know these fighters are having a chance to start their career on a good note. Please stop hating. The only ones that I know that hate, are those that don't have anything.

Anonymous said...

Boxing is like driving. You have to start off driving in the local slow traffic before you jump on the expressway.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that. These young prospects been fighting at top level in the amateurs. Now they take advantage of low level apponents in the pros. But I guess they all start this way in the pros huh?