Friday, June 13, 2014

Fox Captures Majority Decision Over Olinga!

Myke "The Professor" Fox wins a four-round majority decision over Benjamin "Wildcat" Olinga.

The much-taller Fox stayed on the outside throughout the contest using his long jab to keep Olinga off balance.  At times, Olinga got inside and had some success going to the body.  Olinga had enough success to earn a draw on one card, 38-38.

However, Fox's solid ring generalship was the big difference as the other two judges scored a shutout at 40-36.

Fox is now 2-0 while Olinga is 1-6.

Next bout: Marq Johns vs. Tony Green, Jr.


Anonymous said...

Olinga has plenty of potential but something is missing.
I think most boxing people know what it is but don't want to be to critical.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to team Fox!

Juan Marshall said...

Congratulations Myke Fox on having another great performance. Your age isn't a factor because you use what you have to your advantage. Once you are at the legal age to fight professionally you step in the ring with all ages. You're a talented young fighter that proved to me that you can possibly be a pretty good fighter. Use your height the way it should be used and you will be in this game for many years to come. Your dad is very smart and knows the sport very well. Keep up the good work TEAM Fox!

Anonymous said...

Really not sure what the person who wrote the first anonymous comment is trying to say but the truth of the matter is that Fox jabbed and moved so well, using the entire ring, that Olinga could not catch him eben though he was game. Had Olinga been able to cut the ring off against Fox and get close, it would have been another story. Olinga is a credible opponent, and should continue fighting, but Fox was so quick on his feet there is nothing Olinga could have done.