Saturday, June 07, 2014

Cummings Drops Close Eight-Round Unanimous Decision In Miami!

Cory "Black Ice" Cummings lost an eight-round unanimous decision to Azea Augustama of Hollywood, FL by way of Haiti tonight at the Casino Jai Alai in Miami, FL.

According to Phil Doherty of, Cummings dropped Augustama in the second round and Augustama suffered cuts on both eyes in rounds three and four.  However, Augustama, who represented Haiti in the 2008 Olympics, battled back to get a 76-75 decision on all three scorecards.

Cummings, who fought for the first time in three years, sees his record fall to 17-6-1, 13 KO's while Augustama's record rises to 17-1, nine KO's.


Anonymous said...

a close decision in his own home town? sounds like home cooking to me especially with the knock down.....

Anonymous said...

Cory Cummings asked for a rematch and Azea declined. We'll see if Cory gets a second chance at winning. Congrats Cory Cummings!