Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weights From DC!

Here is the scale watch for Saturday's Top Flight Promotions card at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC:

Ty Barnett 141 vs. Cosme Rivera 139

Nuwan Jayakody 125 vs. David Warren Huffman 126

Scott Buchanan 238 vs. Dennis Benson 252

Larry Recio 153 vs. Daniel Gonzalez (will weigh in later today)

Renan Ruiz 151 vs. Dominique Hillard (will weigh in later today)

Gonzalez (9-31-2, three KO's) is a very late replacement opponent for Recio.

We will be blogging live from this card.


Anonymous said...

This will be lowest attandence for a dc fight of all time. Rather watch a street fight on Georgia ave. if tickets were 2 dollars. It will be still to much. Worst DMV card in history.

Anonymous said...

I guess this show is like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The difference being that this is really the black version where if Cosme places a kiss on the chin of Snow White, Ty goes back to sleep. Now that might make the fight worth the $2. cost of admission, except that you would have to sit through the Seven Dwarfs part of the show, and trust me these dwarfs don't have cute names and they can't sing!
Maybe there is game that you can play watching the Dwarfs fight deciding who is Sleepy,Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Happy and Bashful, but there must be better things that you can do on Saturday night. And if you miss something like Cosme kissing Snow White on his hairy chinny chin chin, it will
certainly be on Youtube very soon!

bro c. wise-el said...

Why is it that everyone it so anonymous on this site? Just because in your life you are miserable and a bum don't try to take it out on the world. Why don't u go ahead and get some professional help with your low self esteem problems and be happy that the dmv has promoters etc.

Anonymous said...

Because this is how people express themselves. You need to get real and know everything ain't peaches n cream! Truth is told not in the way you like so you come crying saying its hate!!! Bro c. Wise-el

Gary Digital Williams said...

Also, a lot of folks don't have the guts to put their names behind what they say. Some people are legitimately in the boxing business and may be compromised by signing their names. However, most of the anonymous folks are simply gutless wonders.

Juan Marshall said...

If you want to express yourself then let people know who you are so they can know that it's you that feels a certain way about the boxing in this area. When you post things anonymously it makes you look like one of the haters that hang around the same person that you are talking about.

Blacc said...

Well looks like Ty Barnett got ktfo again!