Friday, May 16, 2014

Weights From Annandale, VA!

Here is the scale watch for the Ponytail Promotions card on Saturday, May 17 at Northern Virginia Community College's Ernst Center in Annandale, VA:

Tori Nelson 144 vs Mia St. John 143

Dwayne McRae 239 vs. Zeferino Albino 213

Andrew Farmer 140 vs. David Warren Huffman 135

Seth Billups 137 vs. Anthony Dave 138

Jed Phipps 219 vs. Ariel Espinal (will weigh in Saturday)

Alexandru Marin 129 vs. Darrell Martin 129

Gerome Quigley 149 vs. Damon Antoine 147

Steed Woodall 166 vs. Craig Schwallier 171

Steed "The Stallion" Woodall (2-0, one KO) is a super middleweight from Palm Beach, FL by way of Birmingham, England.  Craig Schwallier (2-1, two KO's) is from Grand Rapids, MI.

Both Jerry Odom and Antoine Douglas are off the card.  The card is slated to begin at 6 PM with five amateur bouts.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

St John is almost 50, why is this fight happening. Tori is bigger and younger. I hope Mia doesn't get hurt as this has makings of a serous mismatch.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Despite her age, St. John is still a very recognizable name in women's boxing. There was only one pound difference between the two. St. John said that the last time she fought back in August of 2013, she needed a hip replacement.

She now says she is fully healthy. We'll just have to wait and see tonight.

Anonymous said...

Mr Brian Dillon,

You should be ashamed of your self for putting on these type if fights. Dwayne McCray against a kid that has been knocked out so many times is criminal. Tori Nelson against a old women that's in her late 40s. When does it stop. The fans do not want to pay for these mismatches.

Anonymous said...

The most pathetic fight on this card is Andrew Farmer's. He went from being scheduled to fight contender Danny O'Connor (23-2) in ten round main event on fox sports 1 which fell through cuz of injury to O'Connor to a four rounder against a 4-18 opponent. Couldn't at least fight someone with a winning record in a 6 or 8 rounder?

Anonymous said...

Ever given any thought to how much it would cost to get the kind of guy you're referring to for Farmer? Kind of a hard thing to materialize on a small show like this one. If he waited around for fights like O'Connor all the time he would never fight......

Brian said...

Well, McRae opponent has only been stopped 5 times out of 28 fights, agreed about Mia's age however woman's fighters don't take the physical pounding men do, so they last longer. Andrew Farmer is a 6rder and was added to the card a few days ago, it's tough to find a barn burner match up on 4days notice. I am willing to bet that Huffman- farmer goes the distance in a competitive scrap

Anonymous said...

Ariel Espinal is a blown-up middleweight. Fighting as a heavyweight? Disgraceful and dangerous. I hope he does not get hurt.