Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ruiz Delivers Elongated Beating To Beeman!

In a bout that went ENTIRELY too long, Renan Ruiz of Brooklyn, NY scored a brutal second-round TKO to Alan Beeman of Providence, RI.

The bout should have never heard the bell for the second round.  Ruiz hammered Beeman with every head shot imaginable.  The fact Beeman didn't fall or take too many steps backward probably allowed the bout to continue.

In the second, however, nothing changed, including referee Vic DeWysocki's urgency to stop the beating as Ruiz continued to whoop on Beeman.  Finally, Beeman's corner asked for the contest to be halted and it was at 2:10.

Ruiz is now 4-1, three KO's while Beeman remains winless at 0-8 with seven losses by knockout.

Next up: the return of DC heavyweight Scott "Duke" Buchanan (4-0, three KO's) as he takes on Dennis Benson of Norfolk, VA (1-6).  Four rounds.


Juan Marshall said...

I think Beeman has fought in the Beltway Boxing area a few times now. Each time he hasn't had much success.
Ruiz seemed to put on a strong performance against him also.

Greyhound said...

Is Scott "Duke" Buchanan the DC Bus Flasher? I thought he was in jail awaiting trial?

Anonymous said...

Man exposed himself at the Fort Trotten station July 21 and 22, both times while aboard a train bound for Branch Avenue at approximately 9:30 a.m.

If you know who the man is, call police at 202-962-1550.