Friday, April 11, 2014

Weights From The Patapsco Arena!

Here is the scale watch for the Hardwork Promotions card Saturday, April 12 at the Patapsco Arena in Baltimore, MD:

Venroy July 199 vs. Quantis Graves 198

Dwayne McRae 233 vs. Jonte Willis 225

Jeremy Trussell 160 1/2 vs. Taneal Goyco 161

Larry Recio 154 vs. Jose Felix 154

Demond Nicholson 160 vs. David Rohn 160

DeAndre Davis 141 vs. Christopher Johnson 140

Edwin Reyes 138 1/2 vs. Christopher Haney 135

Alexandru Marin 127 vs. Alex Hipolito 127

Travis Reeves 195 vs. Santos Martinez 195

We look forward to blogging live Saturday night from the Patapsco Arena.


Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, we have a pretty decent local professional boxing card here tomorrow night, April 12th, at the Patapsco Sports Arena, 3301 Annapolis Road, Baltimore, MD 21230 -- 7:00 p.m. start. Buy a ticket and come on out! I am. There is nothing like attending a pro boxing event in person.

J.R. Ewing said...

Wow Dwayne McRae is going to fight Jonte Willis!! Did they properly vet this opponent? Dwayne is a good guy and all, but Jonte is a solid fighter that has fought neck and neck with some B class fighters.

I will be very impressed if Dwayne wins, it will show that he has improved greatly. However, if all is fair I don't see it.

Anonymous said...

"... if all is fair..." Really???

Anonymous said...

I am thinking. The same thing. This guy has fought some touch guys