Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jeter, Harrison Receive Interesting Publicity!

Two local boxers received interesting notoriety this week.

WBC Fecarbox Middleweight champion Tony "Mo Better" Jeter's recent successful title defense was noted on the official World Boxing Council website.  Jeter was even given a new nickname --"Jet Set" Jeter.

Here is the link:

Jeter is slated to return to action on Saturday, June 14 at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, VA.

Meanwhile, WBC Youth Welterweight champion Dusty Hernandez Harrison is part of a video about world champion poker player Phil Ivey.  The video talks about Ivey, who is part of Harrison's managerial company All-In Entertainment, being able to see Harrison fight in person in Harrison's last contest on March 7 in Pala, CA.  No, it doesn't mention anything about the "mental toughness that some claim Ivey gives Harrison -- the subject Teddy Atlas railed about during Harrison's contest.

Here is the video:

Harrison is slated to return to action on Saturday, May 24 at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,

Not sure if the Harrison video is corrupted...all I heard was music and inaudible mumbling.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I'm hearing it fine.

Anonymous said...

Who dusty fghting? I'm sure they have opponent by now since fight is less then three weeks away.

Gary Digital Williams said...

They haven't announced it yet. There is no guarantee they have an opponent yet.

Anonymous said...

Harrison should fight Errol Spence. Harrisons 21 wins to Spence 11 wins plus being a 2012 Olympian means they will match up just fine. Hell they should fight for Harrisons youth title. I think 23 is the age limit. Spence is right at 23. Perfect name for Dusty H. Harrison to fight. It will be the first big name if that fight was to happen.

Anonymous said...

Errol Spence is 12-0 with 10 ko's and turned 24 in January so wouldn't be eligible to fight for dusty's belt since the limit is 23 years and 11 months. If dusty were to defend his belt it should be against Jose Benavidez (19-0, 14 ko's) who is 21 or fellow 19 year old Alex Saucedo (13-0, 9 kos)

Juan Marshall said...

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison is past the point of Errol Spence having the chance to fight him. Being 21-0, Dusty is now ranked 15th by the WBO and Errol Spence wouldn't make the list of fighters to fight Harrison. Even though age isn't a factor at this point I kinda understand the logic of Harrison's Team. "I think, but i'm not sure". The ranking changes the quality of the opponents Dusty has to fight now. He has the ability to adjust.

Anonymous said...

Harrison will not get to fight these guys unless he signs with Al Haymon or Top Rank. Spence is signed with Al Haymon. Benavidez and Saucedo are signed with Top Rank. Harrison is signed with The DC Boxing Commision. Here is a list of his last 7 fights.
2014-03-07 147 Michael Balasi 147 10-3-0

Pala Casino Spa and Resort , Pala, California, USA W UD 6 6

referee: Pat Russell | judge: Alejandro Rochin 60-53 | judge: Tom Taylor 59-54 | judge: Max DeLuca 59-54
Herandez-Harrison down in second, Balasi down in second and fifth

2014-01-31 146¼ Tim Witherspoon Jr 146½ 10-3-1

Richard J. Codey Arena, West Orange, New Jersey, USA W UD 8 8

referee: Benjy Esteves Jr. | judge: Kason Cheeks 78-74 | judge: John Poturaj 78-74 | judge: John Stewart 78-74

2013-11-22 147 Marlon Lewis 147 6-2-2

Dover Downs Hotel and Casino, Dover, Delaware, USA W KO 1 8

time: 2:20 | referee: Vic de Wysocki | judge: Dorothea Perry | judge: Brian Costello | judge: Mark D'Attilio

2013-11-02 146½ Josh Torres 145½ 12-2-1

Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, New York, USA W UD 10 10

referee: Gary Rosato | judge: Frank Lombardi 100-90 | judge: Tony Paolillo 98-92 | judge: John McKaie 98-92
vacant WBC Youth Silver welterweight title

2013-08-23 147 Guillermo Valdes 145 12-4-0

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover, Delaware, USA W TKO 4 6

time: 0:45 | referee: Bill Clancy

2013-06-29 146 Ben Ankrah 146 17-15-0

MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA W UD 6 6

60-54 | 60-54 | 59-55

2013-05-18 145 Eddie Soto 143 12-6-0

UDC Physical Activities Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USA W TKO 5 8

Gary Digital Williams said...

If that were the case, don't you think he would have had more than one bout in the city. Harrison is managed by All-In Entertainment. No commission signs boxers.

Juan Marshall said...

To the last anonymous person that posted Dusty's last seven fights, what are you trying to say when you did that. Dusty is at the point where he has to show from this point on where he stands in his career.His previous 21 fights got him where he is now. That was his building period. Every fighter has that moment of building. Some fighters don't need as long as others to build there careers. He started when he was only 17 years old. I guess he is where he wants to be right now.

Anonymous said...

That's not necessarily true he has to fight much better opponents since he is ranked. He's been ranked top 25 WBC for a while now and fought Balasi, Witherspoon and Lewis with that ranking. Tony Jeter fought bum ass Tyrell Brown while ranked top 15 WBC. He will eventually have to fight better fighters if he wants to prove he is a top welterweight to earn a title shot but right now just because he is ranked doesn't mean he has to fight ranked fighters right now. I hope he does soon, maybe even his next fight.