Sunday, March 23, 2014

Washington Golden Gloves Wrap Up Semis With Exciting Open Action!

The Washington Golden Gloves finished their last night on Saturday at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center with another night of exciting action before another packed house that included former world champion Adrian Broner (here with former three-time WBA Middleweight champion William Joppy).

All roads will lead to the Waldorf Jaycees in Waldorf, MD for the championship round on Saturday, March 29.

In the Open Division semifinals, Antonio and Antuanne Russell (Enigma) both moved into the final round.  Antonio Russell outgunned Hector Soto (Down Under) in the 123 Pound class while Antuanne Russell earned a RSC-3 with a crushing stoppage of Montell Pridgett (UMAR) at 141 Pounds.

However, the bout of the night -- and maybe the most exciting bout of the tournament thus far -- was in the 178 Pound class where Justin Bell (No Xcuse) took on Jeffery McCalla (Upton) in a back and forth contest that brought the crowd to its feet.  Both men had their moments, however it was Bell who moved on to Waldorf with a well-deserved decision over McCalla, who is the younger brother of undefeated pro junior middleweight Cecil McCalla.

Also, Malik Jackson (Limelite), recently ranked number one in the US advanced to the 114 Pound Division finals with a decision victory over Duglas Soto (Down Under).

Here are the rest of the Open Division Semifinal Results:

123 Pounds:  Daron Williams (Benning Park) over Keeshawn Williams (The Answer)

132 Pounds:  Jalen Jones (Limelite) over Anthony Hooker (Diamonds N Da Ruff)

141 Pounds:  Nigel Fennell (Down Under) over Cornell Hines (Woodland)

152 Pounds: Malik Hawkins (Upton) over Emmanuel Rodriguez (Down Under)

165 Pounds: Russell Gaskins (Enigma) over Maynard Sterling (Down Under)

165 Pounds: Tavon Body (Headbangers) over Maiwak Dagoot (Down Under)

201 Pounds:  Malik Titus (Upton) over Daquan Johnson (Sugar Ray Leonard)

Three other boxers advanced by walkover:

178 Pounds: Genc Pllana (unattached)

201+ Pounds: Anthony Nembhard (Sugar Ray Leonard)

201+ Pounds: Calvin Countess (Charm City)

The Novice Division crowned three female champions on Saturday night.  At 132 Pounds, Amelia Moore (Club One) won the crown with a decision over Lisa Bodenburg (Kicked Up).

D'Ajah Scott (Diamonds N Da Ruff) and Krista Robinson (D-Block) won titles at 140 and 152 Pounds respectively by walkover.

In the men's Novice Division Semis, two of the heavier boxers scored stoppages in their bouts.  Jordan Davenport (Mack Lewis) scored an RSC-2 over Mitchell Clinton (Sugar Ray Leonard) at 201 Pounds while Carlos Black (Champions) also earned an RSC-2 over Ralph Alexander (unattached).

There was an RSC-1 at 141 Pounds when Tyrek Irby (Headbangers) stopped Delante Perkins (Cherry Lane).

In other Novice Division results:

123 Pounds: Cody Woodland (Woodland) over Preston Gatling (Hillcrest)

132 Pounds: Juan Melsur (Infinite) over Stephen Blaylock, Jr. (No Xcuse)

141 Pounds: Siprano Zeledon (Headbangers) over Gregory Blakeney (Dream Team)

165 Pounds: Francisco Bustos (Champions) over Dayshawn Jones (UMAR)

165 Pounds: Tyrell Boyd (Upton) over Mark Dunkin (Headbangers)

201 Pounds: Phillip Murray (Laurel) over Jordan Scott (Sugar Ray Leonard)

201+ Pounds: Johnathen Surratt (Tony's Gym) over Shaka Williams (NOMIS)

Two other boxers won by walkover:

152 Pounds: Monyae Gregory (Upton)

178 Pounds: Jordan Payne (Woodland)

Congratulations also to Jesse Reyes (Old School) who was the champion at 15, 95 Pounds in the Junior Division.

The Washington Golden Gloves Championship Finals will be on Saturday, March 29 at 8 PM at the Waldorf Jaycees Community Center, located at the intersection of Routes 301 and 5 in Waldorf, MD.  Tickets are General Admission $25 ($30 at the door), Reserved $35 ($40 at the door) and Ringside $45 ($50 at the door).  For ticket info, call 301-843-6165.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Gary Antonio and Gary Antuanne Russell on their win Sat. These young men are well train by their Father "Gary Russell,Sr".Next Sat we will only see the both of them "Shine" once again. If Antonio going to turn pro after next week Golden Gloves Championship it look like he's going to be a exciting and excellent young pro boxers ,who going to cause problem for anyone in the Bantamweight and Super Bantamweight Division. I have no doubt that he's going to be a Future World Champion!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir "Enigma Boxing" Gary,Sr is one of the best boxing Coach in both Amateur and Pro boxing. He understand the sweet science of the sport. He have been a successful coach in the D C and National, and soon will be a success in the pros when Gary,Jr win that World Belt.

Anonymous said...

Is Adrian sparing with Gary while he is in dc

Gary Digital Williams said...

I don't think so. Usually when he's in town, Broner spars at the Headbangers gym in DC.

Anonymous said...

Gary what u think about fighters from nomis boxing?

Gary Digital Williams said...

They seem to be good boxers.

Anonymous said...

Ok I hear so many bad things about them. who is there big name fighter. Gary please let me,know

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Garry digital Williams,this is Henry sugarpoo buchanan or aka world fame. And I'm coming on your site today to clear the air and basically ask for forgiveness to one lady Cassandra babe girl white, I said a lot of stuff about her on this site that was so disrespectful and untru, called her names and talked about her because it was like I was another person,letting the devil use me,to keep drama going because I felt like she was not doing enuff for me,but the truth is I was just. Being greedy she has done a lot to help me, and I was praying yesterday and The Lord told me why are you praying and telling me that you love me when you don't even love your brothers and your sisters who you see every day,I felt like even Jesus had enuff of me, and now I'm being a man and trying to make all my wrongs right,she has paid me money and loaned me money and never asked me for a dime back,don't know if she's going to see this but I'm just saying that we all fuck up and make mistakes and if she sees this I want to say I'm sorry for my un grate fullness and for my disrespect no man should talk to a lady in that manner,I wouldn't want any one to talk to my mother that way and I don't have the right to do so!!!! I don't want anything I'm not Sking for nothing just trying to get my soul str8 with The Lord and this is the first step,to every that's reading this if I ever was rude or disrespectful to you plz forgive me and I also want to say to William joppy I apologize for all the bad things I said about you in the pass I'm not going to lie and act like when I was coming up in the gym you wasn't my fav fighter!!, everybody have a great day and I hope that I can stay on this str8 path for now bless sugarpoo aka the world fame

Anonymous said...

Y'all on that man nuts treat that nigga like a king talkin about champion yea former wat about the current and hometown champion that pays to get in the golden gloves that's crazy

Anonymous said...

Broner look like a damn midget next to Joppy

Anonymous said...

I guess that comment was referring to Lamont Peterson?

Anonymous said...

them nigga don't want real work, Lil G will bring that heat to all their asses

Anonymous said...

That's 100% tru that's why his scared ass ain't fight khan