Monday, March 24, 2014

Washington Golden Gloves Championship Finals Bout Sheet!

Here is the list of scheduled bouts for the Washington Golden Gloves Championship Finals that will take place at the Waldorf Jaycees Community Center in Waldorf, MD on Saturday, March 29 at 8 PM.

Novice Division:

114 Pounds: Kollin Shrewsbury (NOMIS) walks over as 2014 Champion.

123 Pounds: Cody Woodland (Woodland) vs. Albert Sostre (Sugar Ray Leonard)

132 Pounds: Taylor Woodland (Woodland) vs. Juan Melsur (Infinite)

141 Pounds: Siprano Zeledon (Headbangers) vs. Tyrek Irby (Headbangers)

152 Pounds: Monyae Gregory (Upton) vs. Shynggyskhan Tazhibay (Raw Assassin)

165 Pounds: Tyrell Boyd (Upton) vs. Francisco Bustos (Champions)

178 Pounds: Jordan Payne (Woodland) vs. Demarvea Cutchember (Cross 4 Christ)

201 Pounds: Phillip Murray (Laurel) vs. Jordan Davenport (Mack Lewis)

201+ Pounds: Johnathen Surratt (Tony's Gym) vs. Carlos Black (Champions Gym)

Open Division:

108 Pounds: Demetrius Young (Sugar Ray Leonard) walks over as 2014 Champion

114 Pounds: Paul Jerry (Unattached) vs. Malik Jackson (Limelite)

123 Pounds: Gary Antonio Russell (Enigma) vs. Daron Williams (Benning Park)

132 Pounds: Jalonte Cole (No Xcuse) vs. Jalen Jones (Limelite)

141 Pounds: Gary Antuanne Russell (Enigma) vs. Nigel Fennell (Down Under)

152 Pounds: Malik Hawkins (Upton) vs. Zarifbek Nishanbaev (Raw Assassin)

165 Pounds: Russell Gaskins (Enigma) vs. Tavon Body (Headbangers)

178 Pounds: Justin Bell (No Xcuse) vs. Genc Pllana (Unattached)

201 Pounds: Malik Titus (Upton) vs. Stephon Morris (UMAR)

201+ Pounds: Anthony Nembhard (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Calvin Countess (Charm City)

The winners from this event advance to the Regional Championships that will be on Saturday, April 26 at the Waldorf Jaycees.


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Anonymous said...

The Russell's Brother "Antonio and Antuanne" will take care of business come March29th. Enigma Boxing Coach Gary,Sr will have them focus & in great sharp!!!!!

Anonymous said...

South Atlantic looking good!
Bring home the gold!

Anonymous said...

Lamont and Anthony Peterson are both class acts inside and outside the ring and know a lot about giving back. They know where they came from and know what it takes to get these young amateurs to the next level, unlike others who use every angle to get into an event free.

Anonymous said...

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Martina Jones said...

does anyone know how I can reserve a table for this event? who to call ?

Gary Digital Williams said...


Gary Digital Williams said...

That's the number for Bobby Magruder or someone on his staff.

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