Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Semi-Final Matchups Ready For Washington Golden Gloves!

The Washington Golden Gloves will have its second night of Semifinal action on Saturday, March 22 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD.  Here is the scheduled bout sheet:

Novice Division:

There will be three female Novice Division Championship Bouts:

132 Pounds:  Lisa Bodenberg (Kicked Up) vs. Amelia Moore (Club One)

140 Pounds: D'ajah Scott (Diamonds N Da Ruff) vs. India Speed (No Xcuse)

152 Pounds: Clarissa Lindsey (Young Titans) vs. Krista Robinson (D-Block)

Here are the bouts in Men's Novice Competition:

123 Pounds: Cody Woodland (Woodland) vs. Preston Gatling (Hillcrest)

132 Pounds: Juan Melsur (Infinite) vs. Stephen Blaylock, Jr. (No Xcuse)

141 Pounds: Siprano Zeledon (Headbangers) vs. Gregory Blakeney (Dream Team)

141 Pounds:  Tyrek Irby (Headbangers) vs. Delante Perkins (Cherry Lane)

152 Pounds:  Monyae Gregory (Upton) vs. Derek Gibson (Down Under)

165 Pounds: Dayshawn Jones (UMAR) vs. Francisco Bustos (Champions)

165 Pounds: Mark Dunkin (Headbangers) vs. Tyrell Boyd (Upton)

178 Pounds:  Kahyah Winslow (Tony's Gym) vs. Jordan Payne (Woodland)

201 Pounds:  Phillip Murray (Laurel) vs. Jordan Scott (Sugar Ray Leonard)

201 Pounds:  Mitchell Clinton (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Jordan Davenport (Mack Lewis)

201+ Pounds:  Johnathen Surratt (Tony's Gym) vs. Shalka Williams (NOMIS)

201+ Pounds:  Ralph Alexander (unattatched) vs. Carlos Black (Champions)

Open Division:

114 Pounds:  Duglas Soto (Down Under) vs. Malik Jackson (Limelite)

123 Pounds: Hector Soto (Down Under) vs. Gary Antonio Russell (Enigma)

123 Pounds:  Daron Williams (Benning Park) vs. Keeshawn Williams (The Answer)

132 Pounds:  Jalen Jones (Limelite) vs. Anthony Hooker (Diamonds N Da Ruff)

141 Pounds: Gary Antuanne Russell (Enigma) vs. Montell Pridgett (UMAR)

141 Pounds: Nigel Fennell (Down Under) vs. Cornell Hines (Woodland)

152 Pounds: Malik Hawkins (Upton) vs. Emmanuel Rodriguez (Down Under)

165 Pounds: Maynard Sterling (Down Under) vs. Russell Gaskins (Enigma)

165 Pounds:  Tavon Body (Headbangers) vs. Maiwak Dagoot (Down Under)

178 Pounds:  Genc Pllana (unattached) vs. Jerod Bowling (unattached)

178 Pounds:  Justin Bell (No Xcuse) vs. Jeffrey McCalla (Upton)

201 Pounds: Malik Titus (Upton) vs. Daquan Johnson (Sugar Ray Leonard)

201+ Pounds: Sean Elam (Enigma) vs. Anthony Nembhard (Sugar Ray Leonard)

201+ Pounds: Calvin Countess (Charm City) vs.  Cortez Dunston (UMAR)

The card gets underway at 7:30 PM.


David Thomas said...

Gary where is antonio russell and malik jackson ranked in the world in their weight classes

Gary Digital Williams said...

AIBA's website seems to be down, so I can't find the world rankings.

Malik is ranked second among 114 pounders in the US behind Shawn Simpson of Chicago. Antonio is not ranked.

Anonymous said...

You wrong Gary, Malik is ranked above Shawn Simpson from Chicago he beat him twice in the usa national championship

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Antonio Russell not rank in the World at 123lbs after all he accomplish in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Gary Antonio Russell not ranked in the World,he's the best in USA Amateur boxing at 123lbs. But that's ok he's going to be a outstanding fighter in the pros.His boxing style fit the pro rank anyway, so i'm looking forward to seeing him fight as a pro boxer.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gary do you know if Antonio Russell going to turn pro after the D C Golden Gloves???? That's the words going around that he going to follow in Gary,jr footsteps..

Gary Digital Williams said...

Yes, that's the plan. Antonio says he wants to try and win another national title before turning pro. Also, Allan Russell, who won a national Golden Gloves title in 2010, says he's hoping to finally turn pro in May.

Anonymous said...

Antonio didn't fight elite division at the 2013 USA Nationals. He fought in the Senior division with headgear, so he didn't receive any ranking points for the win out there. Nobody in Senior Division are ranked.

Anonymous said...

Ok Thanks that explain everything!!!! Mr Gary keep doing a great job covering Amateur and Pro boxing in the area....I believe Antonio going to be something exciting in the pros,along with Allan!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As Amateur i wouldn't fight without headgear save that for the pros, where you getting paid.

Anonymous said...

All that money these organizations make from registrations and fees and the amateurs get absolutely nothing in return!!! I wouldnt fight without a headgear too, thats stupid!