Sunday, March 16, 2014

Results From First Semi-Final Night at Washington Golden Gloves!

A standing-room only crowd at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD saw an exciting night of Washington Golden Gloves action during the first of two weeks of semi-final action.

We start in the Open Division where there were a number of quality matchups.  The marquee bout was in the 141 Pound class where Gary Antuanne Russell (Enigma) began his quest to be the fourth member of his family to win a National Golden Gloves title by defeating former 114-pound regional champion Gregory Outlaw (Sugar Ray Leonard).  Both men traded very well through the first two rounds of the bout.  However, Russell took over in the third and used his speed and accuracy to win the contest.

Russell is slated to face Montell Pridgett (UMAR) in the 141-Pound championship finals on March 29 at the Waldorf Jaycees in Waldorf, MD. Pridgett defeated Jonathan Ludson (Monsters, Inc.) in the other 141 Pound semifinal.

Russell's older brother, 2013 National Golden Gloves champion Gary Antonio Russell, advanced to walkover in the 123 Pound division via walkover.

There will be a new Regional Golden Gloves champion in the 165 Pound division.  Tavon Body (Headbangers) defeated defending regional champion Jerome Featherstone (Baltimore Boxing) in a very close bout.  Also in the 165 Pound class, Maiwak Dagoot (Down Under) defeated Tavon Marshall (Upton) and Russell Gaskins (Enigma) advanced via walkover.  These three winners, along with Maynard Sterling (Down Under) who won by walkover on March 8, will move into next week's semis at Sugar Ray Leonard Center.

Here the results of the other Open Bouts from Saturday:

132 Pounds: Jalonte Cole (No Xcuse) over Andrew Barrett (Laurel)

152 Pounds: Zarifbek Nishanbaev (Raw Assassin) over Alonzo Thompson (Cherry Lane)

152 Pounds: Malik Hawkins (Upton) over Drayvontay Speed-Rawls (Enigma)

178 Pounds: Justin Bell (No Xcuse) over Teaquone Nance (NOMIS)

Four other boxers advanced by walkover:

114 Pounds: Paul Jerry (unattached)

132 Pounds: Jalen Jones (Limelite)

165 Pounds: Russell Gaskins (Enigma)

201 Pounds: Stephon Morris (UMAR)

Here are the results from action in the Novice Division:

123 Pounds: Preston Gatling (Hillcrest) over Johnny Peterson (Sugar Ray Leonard)

132 Pounds: Taylor Woodland (Woodland) over Cory Snowden (No Xcuse)

141 Pounds: Gregory Blakeney (Dream Team) over Gorwar Karyah (Tony's Gym)

152 Pounds: Monyae Gregory (Upton) over Andre Harris (Club One)

152 Pounds: Shynggskhan Tazhibay (Raw Assassin) over Christopher Perkins (Woodland)

165 Pounds: Dayshawn Jones (UMAR) over Carl Harper (Sugar Ray Leonard)

178 Pounds: Demarvea Cutchember (Cross 4 Christ) over Leonard Poe (Hillcrest)

201+ Pounds: Carlos Black (Champions) RSC-1 over Rogers Taylor (Woodland)

Four boxers advanced by walkover:

123 Pounds: Albert Sostre (Sugar Ray Leonard)

141 Pounds: Siprano Zeledon (Headbangers)

141 Pounds: Delante Perkins (Cherry Lane)

165 Pounds: Tyrell Boyd (Upton)

The final two champions were crowned in the Junior Division:

14-15, 150 Pounds:  Jaseye Stephens (Hagerstown) over Damien White, Jr. (Tony's Gym)

13-14, 115 Pounds Female:  Mia Ellis (Upton) over Jasmine Garland (UMAR)

The second night of semifinal action will be Saturday, March 22 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center beginning at 7:30 PM.


Anonymous said...

Gary do you have the address to Enigma boxing gym ?

Gary Digital Williams said...

No I don't. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

It's an enigma?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Okay. Now I'm wayyyyyy confused. Who is the better prospect Gary Antione or Gary Antuanne? Are they related? Also is either related to Gary, Jr? Wow. This is confusing. About 3 years ago I thought Gary Jr and one of these were the same. Then I realized they weren't. Now after for years thinking there were two Garys, there are actually three. Please break it down for me Dig (pronounced dij).

Gary Digital Williams said...

All four of the brothers are named Gary. Only Gary Jr. uses the first name. The younger brothers (Allan, Antonio and Antuanne) go by their middle names. Some have said over the years that Antuanne ( the youngest) may end up being the best of the crew.

Anonymous said...

I think G. Antonio is the best Russell but thats just my opinion

Anonymous said...

I think Antonio will end up being the best. Although Antuanne is the one everybody seems to believe is. Antonio seems to have a whole other gear to him

Anonymous said...

I feel Antonio will be a future Star in the pros rank. Although all theRussell are well school in the sweet science. They all have pro style as amateur and Gary,Jr is a successful pro fighter.But Antonio got that special something about him and blessed with speed,skills,power,and killer instinct. I think his style is better suited for the pros.Antuanne will also be a excellent fighter whenever he take his talent to the next level....

Anonymous said...

I think Antonio Russell boxing style is more gear toward the pros..He'll be very exciting to watch in the pro rank and tv friendly.I think Antonio will bring excitement to the Bantamweight and Super Bantanweight Division. Just think of him meeting Rau'Shee Warren in the pro rank. I think after the D C Golden Gloves Antonio will turn pro in take his skills and talents to the next level. It will be excited to see what he does in the pro.

Anonymous said...

The Boxing Russell Family is well school in "The Sweet Science of Boxing" Given all credit to their Coach & Father (Gary,Sr). This family have been very successful in the Ameteur,I expect to see the same thing as each of them turn pro.Gary,Jr is already doing good as a pro and very close to fighting for a World Belt..Looking forward to see Allan & Antonio turn pro as well for they both will bring excitement.,skills.,powet to the pro rank.Antuanne probably will stay in the amateur for a couple years in try to make the 2016 Olympic Team. They all are excellent boxer very dedicated to the sport...