Monday, March 03, 2014

Gary Russell, Jr. Named Number One Contender for Vacant WBO Title!

Undefeated Capitol Heights, MD featherweight "Mr." Gary Russell, Jr. has an interesting decision to make.  A number of sources tell BATB that Russell (24-0, 14 KO's) is slated to challenge WBC champion Jhonny Gonzalez for the WBC title on Saturday, April 19 at the DC Armory.

However, the circumstances that took place this past weekend in San Antonio, TX may change everything.  The now-former WBO Featherweight titlist Orlando Salido lost his title on the scales but went on to win a 12-round split decision over Vasyl Lomanchenko. This means the WBO title is now vacant.

Today, the WBO formally announced that Russell is the number one contender and is line to battle for that title.  No word yet on whom his opponent might be.


Anonymous said...

Go and take both of those Title's Champ, You can beat both of those guy's

Anonymous said...

Cant see russell beating Lomanchinko

Anonymous said...


I just finished watching a documentary about the WWE (World Wresting Entertainment formerly WWF and WWWF). And in that documentary Rowdy Roddy Piper has a great line.

He said, "There's a thing called the Boxing and Wrestling Commission which was just a bunch of bologna. They were just stealing money from us for no reason." And how, Roddy Piper. You nailed it! And yes he's a wrestler but he was dealing with the same commissions that we in the boxing world deal with.

Did you know that dumb ass Dave Holland in Virginia makes over $70,000 per year! He made that in 2009 according to public records. He's probably making over $80,000 now! That inbred dimwit makes that kind of money. Doesn't that make you sick? There isn't one professional boxer from Virginia who makes anything close!

How about Pat Panella? He's damn good at what he does but I'm sure he makes even more than that. And name me one boxer that makes more per year from Maryland? Or one Promoter, Manager, Cutman, Cornerman, Matchmaker, etc. ANYBODY involved in boxing from Maryland or VA, that makes more than Panella and Holland! Maybe if you throw in DC, then maybe Lamont Peterson. He's ONLY a World Champion!

That's a damn joke and it's a damn crime and just like Rowdy Roddy Piper says "THEY WERE JUST STEALING MONEY FROM US FOR NO REASON!"

Fuck 'em all! And if you want to support them and pay their salaries with your licensing fees, promoters fees, taxes, etc. etc. - then you and your dumb ass go ahead and do it! I for one will not support the system as it is currently set up!

Anonymous said...

If your still impressed by Lomanchenko, after that performanceaagainst a out of shape Salido, and think Lil G wouldn't beat both of them your boxing I'Q' is terrible

Gary Digital Williams said...

How then do you propose we regulate boxing? A federal commission is a great idea but it may never get done.

Please don't confuse the state commissions with the governing bodies of the sport (WBC, WBA, et al).

Remember (I also saw that documentary), Piper was talking about the commissions in the midst of the WWE steroid situation. That was in Pennsylvania and Dr. Zoharian paid dearly for it.

Abolishing state commissions would only work if you can definitely get a federal commission in place.

Anonymous said...

This is how we regulate boxing. We privatize it. We take it out of the hands of the government. That means local, county, state, and federal. The NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, etc. has no government commission to answer to.

I apologize for my foul language in the previous post but I'm just tired of these jokers with these gravy jobs who make very good livings off of our sweat and blood and personal finances.

You are correct, Piper was talking about the steroid scandal. But what he said was true. "Boxing and Wrestling Commissions ...... they were just stealing money from us for no reason." You know your boxing and wrestling Gary, I've got to give it to you.

Licenses for a boxer, corner man, manager, promoter, matchmaker, second, ring announcer. Taxes on a gate, event fees, federal ID fees. Am I leaving anything out?

It's obvious who is getting the majority of that money in Virginia, Maryland, and almost every other state in the country. And that person is the boxing commissioner.

I'll focus on Dave Holland in Virginia because I can only estimate what Pat Panella makes in Maryland. I'm sure it's a matter of public record, I just can't locate the figures. But as I said earlier I found out that Holland made $70,000 plus in 2009. So it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to say he was making $80,000 plus in 2014. Virginia had 6 boxing shows in 2013. They've had 1 so far in 2014. I don't know how many MMA or wrestling shows but let's say there were 30 more. I may be wrong but I would say that I'm being generous if 5 of those shows in 2013 of the 36 estimated boxing, wrestling, and MMA shows had over 700 paid attendance. Holland's money is clearly made off of licensing and fees that are extremely high when compared to almost every other state.

Virginia was only lower than big boxing states such as Nevada, California, Texas, and New York. Maryland was around the middle of the pack licensing wise.

The point is this. His position as Virginia Boxing Commissioner is a strictly self serving position. It has nothing to do with the regulation of Professional Boxing or the protection of the public good. And he's not the only one. I'm sure that at least 80% of all boxing commissioners in the United States are the only ones in their state who make a full time living off of boxing.

And that is just plain wrong, in fact it's criminal! Abolish Boxing Commissions!

Anonymous said...

Lomanchinko is good but he's average!!!! Gary,Jr will give him all kind of problem..