Thursday, February 06, 2014

Weights From DC!

Here is the scale watch for the Babie Girl Productions "Tribute To Our Military" card on Friday, February 7 at the DC Armory in Washington, DC:

Willis Lockett 194 vs. Julius Fogle 173

Zakki Scott 224 vs. Andre Ward 203

Alando Pugh 221 vs. Nick Cyr 279

Moshea Aleem 153 vs. Josue Rivera 150

There are also seven amateur contests scheduled for the card.  Two of the bouts will be female contests.

Dejah Scott (Potomac Valley) vs. Shianne Gist (Ohio)

Patty Suchy (Hagerstown, MD) vs. Keisha Lewis (Virginia)

Jerrod Bowling (PVA) vs. O'Brian Mapp (Virginia)

Lamont White (PVA) vs. Jarvin John (Virginia)

Aubur Wright (Virginia) vs. Willie Lam (Virginia)

Chris Laws (Virginia) vs. Calvin Countess (SAA)

Cornell Hines  (PVA) vs. Christian Dayton (Virginia)

I am serving as the ring announcing so live blogging will be somewhat limited tomorrow.  The card is scheduled to begin at 6 PM.


Anonymous said...

Card some shit

Anonymous said...

Lockett is almost 20 damn lbs over the limit. Gary? why is this fight still happening?

Anonymous said...

Dc boxing comission some shit 194 vs 173 is a dam crime ...unreal...
more like backyard boxing comission girl aka the bounce check queen!!!