Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nine Junior Division Champions Crowned on Opening Night of Washington Golden Gloves!

The 2014 Washington Golden Gloves kicked off tonight in front of a packed house at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD.

Nine Junior Division boxers won championships on this opening night of competition and the night turned out to be a family affair.

Lonzo Malcolm of Keystone captured the first championship of the night earning the 8-9, 65 pound title with a win over Damari Philson of Langdon.  Later in the evening, Malcolm's older brother, Lawrence, defeated Lamont Tate of Kenilworth to win the 11, 85 Pound title.

Daylynn Jones of #11 Overcomers won the 11, 90 Pound championship with a win over Keith Bagwell of Charm City.  Jones's brother, Jordan, took the title at 11-12, 95 Pounds with a win over Kyron Curry of UMAR.

In other title bouts, UMAR's Ibrahim Robinson won the 12-13, 85 Pound title with a victory over Leon Jones of Langdon.  Kenilworth's Donell Williams defeated Stacey Selby of No Xcuse to win the 12, 90 Pound title.

Malik Warren (Charm City, 13, 90 Pounds)  Chamar Flowers (Headbangers, 13-14, 95 Pounds) and Hakeem Middleton (Limelite, 16, 125 Pounds) all won their titles via walkover.

Here are the results of the other Junior Division contests on Saturday:

10-11, 65 Pounds: Ragahleak Bartee (Unattached) over Cuttino Oliver (Upton)

10, 70 Pounds: Tyreek Williams (The Answer) over Michki Phillips (Keystone)

10-11, 75 Pounds:  Elijah Gilcrist (Unattached) over Muhammad Robinson (UMAR)

10-11, 80 Pounds:  Maximus Garland (Headbangers) RSC-2 over Santino Saunders (Hillcrest)

13-14, 100 Pounds: Mehki Payne-Dey (Keystone) over Keith Cooke (No Xcuse)

14-15, 113 Pounds: Jay Cromwell (Dream Team) over Siete Shuler (Langdon)

Kesean Bagwell (Charm City) won his bout in the 10-11, 80 Pound division by walkover.

Five bouts took place in the Novice Division Saturday night.  Here are the results.

141 Pounds: Delante Perkins (Cherry Lane) over Maurice Baggage (Tony's Gym)

152 Pounds: Andre Harris (Club One) over Deonte Stokes (First Class)

152 Pounds: Monyae Gregory (Upton) RSC-2 over Diante Simms (Tony's Gym)

152 Pounds: Alejandro Rodriguez (Mack Lewis) over Nicholas Lee (Laurel)

152 Pounds: Christopher Perkins (Woodland) over Kristopher Gatling (Hillcrest)

Also in the 152 Pound division, Yohanes Rezene (Sugar Ray Leonard), Shynggyskhan Tazhibay (Raw Assassin), Handal Munoz (Keystone) and Estebon Sanchez (D-Block) all won their bouts by walkover.

The tournament continues on Saturday, March 1 at 7:30 with the Open Division slated to get underway that night.


Anonymous said...

Why did Barry Hunter not let his son fight Shynggyskhan Tazhibay , scared or nah

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, that 152 pounder Kristopher Gatling, is he related to Julius Gatling(Juice)?

Anonymous said...

Not sure but that kid Chris beat his ass

Anonymous said...

Sad to see kids that box as good as Stacey once did get turn into a bum by brawling and taking a lot of punches. Tyson had that kid sticking and moving now he looks like a no excuse fighter throwing all them wild street fighter punches

Anonymous said...

Very rarely will anybody get pulled from a novice fight but barry showed hes not willing to let his son go thru what he ask of boug or anybody else son this aint pro an its jus novice dont teach him to run!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as well Gary, I was looking forward to watching Barry's son fight. What happened?

Gary Digital Williams said...

I don't really know. Could have been a weight issue or he may have decided not to participate. Not sure.

Anonymous said...

The kid that Barry son was supposed to fight reminds me of a young Lucas Matthysse ( in build and punching power in both hands at this level). google his last fight definitly not a true novice probably had 100 fight in his home country. I wouldnt want a mental flash back to take place on my son either

Anonymous said...

Nicholas Lee was robbed he's from my boxer who moved up in weight that night

Anonymous said...

Damn! Stacey I say take it back to Langdon

Anonymous said...

Take it back to Langdon for what?? How many National Champions they got in that gym? NoXcuse got endless and will continue to produce them. I think Stacey and the other young fighters are in good hands.