Friday, February 07, 2014

Edmondson Replaces Ward Tonight in DC!

There is a VERY late change in tonight's card at the DC Armory.  Andre Ward is out of his matchup with Zakki Scott and has been replaced by Durham, NC's Franklin Edmondson.

The Scott-Ward bout was scheduled to be a rematch of their cruiserweight contest back in March of 2012 in which Scott won by four-round unanimous decision.  The rematch was scheduled for six rounds in the heavyweight division.

Scott weighed in at 224 Thursday while Ward was still close to the 200-pound cruiser limit at 203.  The Ward camp was not happy about the disparity in weight and reportedly asked for more money to compete. However, they ended up being replaced on the card instead.

Edmondson (14-40-1, five KO's) fought his last bout in DC on December 14 and lost a six-round unanimous decision to Dwayne McRae at the Convention Center.


Anonymous said...

Dick move by Zakki Scott weighing in 24lbs over. Where is the professionalism? He should be ashamed of himself. If this were a fair world they would have paid Ward more or found him another opponent. Now he goes home with nothing because Scott couldn't do his JOB. Make the weight and stop bullshitin.

Anonymous said...

With Lockett and Scott missing by so much damn weight it shows a true lack of pride in their craft. Pathetic. This is not a good look.

Anonymous said...

Please help me out. If the fight was made at heavyweight then both camps made their weight. Heavyweight is anything over 200lbs.