Sunday, February 02, 2014

Beltway Amateurs Bring Home Five National Silver Gloves Titles!

Congratulations to the contingent of local amateurs who participated in this past week's National Silver Gloves Championships in Independence, MO.  Five Beltway Boxers won national titles!

In the Boys Open 10-11 age group, 76-80 Pound class, Lawrence Malcolm of DC won not only the championship in his division, he was also named the Outstanding Boxer in his age group.

Baltimore, MD's Lorenzo Simpson won his fourth straight National Silver Gloves title, capturing the championship in the Boys Open 12-13, 133-139 Pound division.

Kavon Robertson of Staunton, VA took the championship in the Boys Open 12-13, 86-90 Pound class.

Brian Avelar of Germantown, MD won gold in the Boys 14-15, 140-147 Pound division.

Steven Clark of Laurel, MD won the championship in the Boys 14-15, 148-156 Pound group.

Four locals also won silver medals during the event.

Jalil Hackett of DC took second in the Boys Open 10-11, 86-90 Pound division.

DC's Damari Philson won silver in the Boys Open 8-9, 56-60 Pound class.

Stacey Selby of DC came in second in the Boys Open 10-11, 81-85 Pound division.

DC's Keith Cooke won silver in the Boys Open 12-13, 96-100 Pound class.


Anonymous said...

Great job to all of you young men, keep up the good work. The area is very proud of you

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary do know what gyms these young men are from? Great job young men!

Gary Digital Williams said...

Stacey Selby and Keith Cooke are from No Xcuse.

Lorenzo Simpson is from Upton.

Brian Avelar and Steven Clark represent Sugar Ray Leonard Gym.

Damari Philson is from Langdon.

Lorenzo Malcolm represents Keystone.

Jalil Hackett as of January, is unattatched.

Kavon Robertson is from Staunton Boxing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary. Great job Coaches

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