Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weights From Rosecroft!

Here are the weights for the Keystone Boxing card Friday night at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD:

Mike Reed 140 1/2 vs. Jorge Marquez 142

Jarrett Hurd 155 1/2 vs. Chris Chatman 154 1/2

Marcus Bates 124 1/2 vs. Stephon Alexander 119 1/2.  Both men were over the contract weight of 119 for this bout.  Both men will hit the scales again tomorrow at the Maryland State Athletic Commission offices.  Neither man can weigh more than 125 for this bout.

Larry Recio 151 1/2 vs. Malcolm Green 149

Marq Johns 123 vs. Carlos Alcala 121

Immanuwel Aleem 161 1/2 vs Timothy Hall 162 1/2

Dimitrius Nolan 174 1/2 vs. PJ Cajigas 169

We will be blogging live from Rosecroft around 7:45 PM ET.


Anonymous said...

No need to clean that shit up. Of the contract weight was 119, Bates failed to make weight. You're allowed a pound. The other dude made weight and shouldn't have to weigh again. Almost five pounds over! Ridiculous

Team Orlando said...

Bates does not want this fight and I cannot blame him. This kid has trained for this like it was a title fight. I got first hand info and he is planning on knocking Bates out cold. Even tried to bet anyone who would listen. Bates is young and would be smart to sit this one out. It's either that or get knocked the f@#$ out.

Anonymous said...

Why they have to weigh in again. Maryland just make up they own rules? This is unheard of, ridiculously stupid!

Anonymous said...

Keystone cops at it again gene got 3 4rds and 2 6rds bouts and will be charging 50 or 55 dollars at the door highway robbery...pat is a jew and gene is a jew....Josh hall.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Both guys weighed in and made the target. The bout will go on.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Marcus" KO" Bates. I'm certain he will come out victorious and be 3-0. He's been in training just as hard as Alexander. I know I've watched him training. It's not just from rumor mill.

Gary Digital Williams said...

That should have been McIntyre instead is Alexander. My mistake.

steven finn said...