Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reed Wins With Sudden Fifth-Round TKO!

In the main event at Rosecroft, Mike Reed scored a fifth-round TKO over a very game Jorge Marquez  The two men battled each other on the outside and especially on the inside throughout the contest. Reed's speed may have given him the edge throughout the contest.

The bout came to a screeching halt with less than a minute to go in the fifth round when Reed landed a shot on Marquez's ear that stopped Mendoza in his tracks.  Marquez complained of buzzing in the ear and the bout was immediately stopped at 2:34 of the fifth.  A ringside physician later told BATB that Marquez suffered a perforated eardrum.

Reed is now 7-0, five KO's while Marquez is now 4-2, two KO's.

Here is the Post-Fight Wrap-Up with myself and "The Fight Doctor" Jerome Spears:

And here is my interview with Mike Reed:

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