Friday, January 17, 2014

Johns Scores Second-Round TKO!

Marq Johns wins his first pro contest with a second-round TKO over Carlos Alcala.  Johns got off to a good start in the first round with good counter shots to Alcala's head.

Johns finished the job early in the second with a blistering left-right combo that forced referee Dave Braslow to stop the contest at 55 seconds of the round.  The stoppage looked very quick as Alcala seemed to be alert after taking those shots.

Johns is now 1-0-1, one KO.  Alcala falls to 0-4.

Next up: Springdale, MD junior middleweight Larry Recio takes on the debuting Malcolm Green of Wilmington, NC.  Four rounds.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Johns stole the show! He is the baddest of the little weights. He was also in the best shape of everyone.