Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Experts Weigh In on Peterson-Jean; Peterson Talks 'Business of Boxing!'

Two interesting articles concerning IBF Junior Welterweight champion Lamont Peterson as we get closer to Saturday's title defense against Dierry Jean at the DC Armory.  First,'s Lem Satterfield poll a number of boxing writers about how they see Saturday's contest.  There are some interesting opinions here:

The Experts Weigh in on Peterson-Jean

Also, Kevin Iole of sat down with Peterson and talked to him about the business of boxing and how the very belt that Peterson holds doesn't seem to mean a whole lot at this stage.  Here's that article:

Peterson Comes Out Swinging Against Business of Boxing


2sharp McCombs said...

Although I've never won a title I understand that feeling of being bitter towards the sport...My cousin retired at 32yrs old 2x world champion 36-4 because of the dirt in boxing it's sad's like lamont said you love the sport but coming in this isn't what we signed up for. I feel lamont is a true champion who deserve his just do.

Gary Digital Williams said...

For those who don't know, his cousin is Maurice Blocker, one of the greats from the Beltway region.