Saturday, December 14, 2013

Buchanan Devastates Shaky Gil In Third!

Henry "Sugar Poo" Buchanan starched a very shakey William Gil at 2:29 of the third round.
In actuality, Gil looked unsteady heading to the ring walking behind us on press row.  Buchanan seemed to make Gil stumble with every punch.  Buchanan seemed to hold back from giving Gil too much punishment.

Finally in the third, Buchanan ended it with a crushing right hook that sent Gil's mouthpiece into the ringside seats and Gil himself to the canvas.  The bout ended immediately after.

(Photos by Juan Marshall)

Buchanan is now 21-3, 14 KO's.   Gil falls to 9-31, seven KO's.
Main event in the ring:  Alexander "The Great" Johnson vs. DeLeon Tinsley.  Eight rounds.


Anonymous said...

forget this shit
Broner just got his ass beat and then run out of the ring like a the bitch that he is.
fuck that jive ass sissie.
The ref Laurence Cole tried everything to give it to That fucking cry baby Broner.
Come his hair now motherfucker.
Fucking imposter

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was maybe my all time favorite ass beating. A thing of beauty. Broner is a classless moulinyan.

Oavivi said...

Broner has locked himself in the dressing room and refuses to open the door. I am 100% serious!!!

Anonymous said...

Problem Solved! Maidana punishes Broner
In a fight of the year candidate, Marcos "El Chino" Maidana (34-4, 31 KOs) dropped welterweight champion Adrien "The Problem" Broner (27-1, 22 KOs) twice and took away his WBA belt with a twelve round unanimous decision on Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Maidana immediately cracked Broner with a right hand in the first round and had Broner holding on. Maidana continued the aggression in round two and dropped Broner. Maidana continued to pummel Broner for the rest of the round. Round three was close, but Maidana outworked Broner again in round four. Broner landed the cleaner shots in rounds five and six. Miadana upped the pressure in the seventh but also appeared to be slowing down. Maidana dropped Broner again in round eight, but then was deducted a point for an intentional headbutt. Maidana had a big round nine punishing Broner with big shots. Maidana was busier again in the tenth. Broner's corner advised him that he needed a KO entering the eleventh. Both fighters landed big shots in the eleventh, with Broner connecting right at the bell. A desperate Broner fought hard in the twelfth looking for a KO that didn't come. Scores were 115-110, 116-109, 117-109.

Anonymous said...

all you Broner the boner eater
fans put that in your pipe and smoke it.JACK
Joe Hensley

Anonymous said...

there will be all kind of excuses
about injuries,maybe a broken jaw or something or maybe a broken hand and they will pay some doctor to falsify a statement saying the injury is legit but we all know how corrupt this business is don't we.

Anonymous said...

Way to go poo but the guy did have 30+loses who did the matchmaking?

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Poo got his long waited win. I am glad to hear Darnel Wilson got KO win at AC. I am so so happy that big mouth Broner got his ass kicked.

Anonymous said...

He appeared to be as invincible as he was annoying, as dominant as he was obnoxious and amoral. Then he went down. Hard. Almost comically. In the first round, no less. He started looking better as the fight went on, but still appeared far from infallible. Then he went down again in the eighth…and got pummeled in the ninth.

He looked like a punk. He would not have looked like a punk if he hadn’t done things like held and dry humped his opponent, but he did those things and therefore appeared deserving of the thrashing he received.

I’m speaking of Adrien Broner, of course, the would-be future of boxing. The man is golden no more. The aura of invincibility is gone. He looks like a child who received a much deserved punishment. It’s hard to feel bad for him. Scratch that – it’s almost impossible to feel bad for him.

What’s more, those who have followed Broner closely shouldn’t be surprised. He’s never appeared as good as he’s claimed to be. Previous fights have proven the man could be lazy, dirty and even vulnerable. Daniel Ponce de Leon almost beat him. Same for Paulie Malignaggi.

And now Marcos Maidana has shown the world that flushing money down a toilet does not a superstar make. Same goes for being in a pornographic video. The bottom line is that great fighting makes a superstar. And Adrien Broner has not engaged in the act of great fighting. He’s clung. He’s cried to a referee. He’s hit after the bell. Yet he’s never engaged in the act of great fighting.

In short, Adrien Broner has proven himself to be a bundle of talent that has yet to be fulfilled. He’s also proven himself to be a boy, rather than a man, like his hero Floyd Mayweather is. That’s harsh talk, but it holds up under scrutiny. Think about it: Broner got bested by Marcos Maidana, then scurried back to the dressing room after losing his title without granting an interview.

True, he may have been hurt, but, the whole thing looked terrible. It reeked of a lack of sportsmanship and further damaged Broner’s reputation. Still, there’s no need to shovel dirt on the coffin of that reputation. It’s been said before and will be said again – the ring is a good place for redemption.

And Broner can indeed redeem himself. In fact, perverse as it sounds, his humiliation at the hands of Maidana may be just what the doctor ordered. For “The Problem’s” real problem seems to be himself. True, he may never be able to defeat Maidana (it’s way too soon to tell, really), but he can certainly improve on his heretofore lauded skill set.

Perhaps his camp can now cut down on combing his hair and instead reinforce in him the basics. You know, things like not turning to the referee for help when he’s hurt. Or showing some consistency with his punch count. There’s one lesson they don’t have to teach him, though, and that’s not to over-estimate his talent. Maidana taught him that lesson well enough on Saturday night at the Alamo Dome.

Now that Broner, who’s heaped a lot of abuse on people, is going to be the target of abuse himself, the fight world is left to wonder how he’ll deal with it. I myself found it hard to enjoy seeing people throwing beer cups at him as he left the ring, defeated, on Saturday. It was what it was, though. The question now is how will the man cope with this sudden crash course on the realities of life? Hopefully, he’ll use it as a kind of internal growth pill.

That way no one will have to witness him hitting an opponent flush after the bell again. Or dry humping an opponent again.

Anonymous said...

Good fight Poo, Glad to see you back and crushing dudes with that right hand like the good ol days.

Anonymous said...

Good job Poo

Anonymous said...

Greg Newby will beat sugar pooh and A. Johnson on any given night. All the hype for nothing. Watch out for Newby, he is the one to lookout for in the future. Then other two are pretenders for the time being. No total dedication for the sport

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How on earth could William Gill EVER lose this fight? Let's review the video! Something must be wrong! Afterall, "very Shakey" Legs Gill did manage to win one of his LAST 15 bouts, including having the distinction of losing his last 10 in a row. But, heck, who's counting, anyway? we know commissions aren't, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

"Shakey Legs" - now THAT's a nickname!