Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beltway Boxing 2013 -- Knockout Of The Year!

And now, the Beltway Boxing Knockout Of the Year for 2013!

As always, the criterion for the Beltway Boxing Knockout Of The Year is that it had to take place in a Beltway location.  Therefore, neither of Tony Thompson’s knockouts over David Price in England would qualify.  Now, onto the selection.

Unlike 2012, where we had very few quality knockouts in the area, 2013 saw a plethora of them, which made the selection more difficult than in previous years.  In fact, the selection ended up coming down to the final month of the year where one knockout, by its incredible suddenness, became the clear-cut choice.

The Beltway Boxing Knockout Of The Year for 2013 is:

Jarrett Hurd KO2 over George Armenta, December 6, Rosecroft Raceway, Fort Washington, MD.

If any fan decided to go to the restroom or the concession stand at Rosecroft between the first and second rounds of this contest, they missed the exceptional knockout. Some fans probably felt safe going to either location because the first round between the two Beltway Boxers looked like the bout would settle into a chess match that might go the entire six-round distance.

However, Jarrett Hurd lived up to his nickname and “Swift”-ly changed everything in the opening seconds of the second round with a picture-perfect right hand straight down the middle of Armenta’s face.  Eleven seconds later, the bout was over as the referee didn’t bother to count over “El Gallo.” The blow was as pretty a knockout as you can get.

Hurd was an Honorable Mention selection for this award in 2012 after his fourth-round knockout over Coy Lambert in November.  This year, the honor deservedly goes to him.

Honorable Mention (in chronological order):

Patrick Coye KO1 over Chorles Parker, May 18, UDC Sports Complex, Washington, DC

It was Coye’s pro debut and only bout of the year, however the knockout left a lasting impression. The light heavyweight from Alexandria, VA sent a crashing right hand to the head of Wilson, NC’s Chorles Parker and sent him crumpling to the canvas.  The bout was immediately waved off at 1:36 of the first round.  Parker stayed on the canvas for a few moments but eventually got up under his own power.

Danny Kelly KO3 over Rayshawn Myers, June 15, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC.

Kelly turned what was an awkward bout around with just one brutal right hand.  Kelly’s contest with Myers got so rough that the referee had to stop the proceedings momentarily to lecture both men.  Midway through the third, Kelly scored with the right that dropped Myers in a neutral corner.  The bout was immediately waved off at 2:11 of the contest.

Mike Reed KO6 over Rameses Gil, September 7, Rosecroft Raceway, Fort Washington, MD

This knockout was the clubhouse leader for this award for most of the year. Reed’s late-bout heroics in his first six-round contest proved to be his breakout performance.  Reed scored knockdowns with each hand in the second and fifth rounds.  However, Gil caught Reed with a right hand in the sixth that forced Reed’s gloves to touch the canvas.  Mere moments later, Reed blasted Gil with two vicious right hands, the second one sending Gil to the canvas and ending the bout without a count at 1:23 of the round.  For a rookie to to face adversity and come back as strong as he did was exceptional.

(Photos:  Hurd-Armenta [award photo] by Wallace Barron, all others by Juan Marshall)

Previous BATB Knockouts of the Year:

2006: Jed Phipps KO1 over David Cleage -- January 20, Pikesville Armory, Pikesville, MD.

2007: Elias Bouloubassis KO1 over Vincent Robbins -- March 10, Pikesville Armory, Pikesville, MD.

2008: Seth Mitchell TKO2 over Alexis Cruz Medina -- May 29, Michael's Eighth Avenue, Glen Burnie, MD.

2009: Tony Jeter KO1 over Keith Gross -- September 26, George Mason University Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA.

2010: Jimmy Lange KO 10 over Joe Wyatt -- November 6, George Mason University Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA.

2011: Kevin Womack KO4 over Benjamin Olinga, November 19, Show Place Arena, Upper Marlboro, MD

2012: Kevin Rivers KO1 over Bobby Wooten, November 3, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

Tomorrow:  The Bout of the Year!


Anonymous said...

Great choice, congratulations jarrett on the sensational knock out of the year, you deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Lol really this is the real Ko of the year

Gary Digital Williams said...

That one from the Peterson-Holt card was a candidate very early on.

However, Kelly's one against Myers was better because he had to work a little harder for it. Even Kelly's own people on the footage called the opponent in this one a "sacrificial lamb."

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hurd, you deserve the ko of the year! You had a great year and i wish you much success in 2014. People are always going to say something negative or be unhappy but the fact of the matter is your ko was the better one from a list of great Ko's, including Kelly's. Fans let's be happy for the DMV fighters and shoot for 2014.

Anonymous said...

Gary you never give kelly credit when it's due so early on late or yesterday what does it matter

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that it was not as impressive as Hurd's, plus the opposition was much better on Hurd's fight. Give it up and move on!

Anonymous said...

You must be related to hurd or something cuz you sure is riding his nutz

Anonymous said...

No bullshit gotta be his girl

Anonymous said...

No just a fan but on the other hand, you sound like a hater! Move on, looking forward to January 17 Keystone boxing is doing great job