Thursday, November 07, 2013

Trussell Stops Towns In First!

(Photo by Juan Marshall)

Jeremy Trussell scored a first-round TKO over On'Rey Towns.  Trussell dropped Towns to his knees at the midpoint of the round. 
Towns looked like he was going to survive the round as he tried to avoid the on rush of Trussell.  However, Trussell trapped Towns in Towns's own corner and landed solid right hands until referee Dave Braslow stopped the contest at 2:57. Once the bout was stopped, Towns immediately turned to leave the ring.
Trussell is now 5-0, four KO's.  Towns is 0-3.
Next up, heavyweights as Harrell "Big Baby" Miller of Queens, NY faces Willie "Blackout" Chisholm of St. Petersburg, FL.  Scheduled for six rounds.


hokie30sgirl said...

Hey! Do you know if panda feed is filming all the fights or just Tori's? All of us that paid for it can't get it to work yet...

Gary Digital Williams said...

I think they are doing all the bouts. They are sitting at a table to my left. They seem to be having some difficulty with the feed, though.

hokie30sgirl said...

Still no luck--- Do they have any advice? You know I get fired up! Good thing we have you Mr. Digital!