Thursday, November 14, 2013

T. Douglas, Whitlock Compete on Fight Night Card Tonight!

Two Beltway Boxers will appear on tonight's Fight Night Fight For Children charity card at the Washington Hilton Hotel and Towers in DC.

Baltimore, MD-based flyweight Tyrieshia "Lady Tiga" Douglas will battle in her first scheduled six-round bout and it will be a rematch against Marisol "La Chihuahua" Miranda of Hollywood, FL.  Douglas (3-0, one KO) and Miranda (5-6, one KO) met in a four-round bout on July 20 in Baltimore.  Douglas won a unanimous decision.  Neither boxer has fought since the July 20th date.

Also, DC junior welterweight Cornelius "The Bodysnatcher" Whitlock returns to action in a four-round contest against Josue "El Guerrero" Rivera of Philadelphia, PA.  Whitlock (1-0, two draws, one NC)  won a four-round unanimous decision over Benjamin Olinga on October 24 at the Mayflower Hotel in DC.  Rivera (2-2, two KO's) has evened his record with back-to-back TKO's in his last two outings.

The main event on the card will be a matchup between John "Apollo Kidd" Thompson of Newark, NJ (13-0, four KO's) and Jonathan Batista of New York by way of the Dominican Republic (14-2, seven KO's).  No official word on how many rounds the bout is scheduled for.

There will be no coverage of this event from our end.  The new management of this event seems to work very weirdly towards press credentials and the impression they gave us was that, like the Mayflower card, there is supposed to be no press when the concert (John Legend) or the boxing takes place.  Unlike the Mayflower card which was in its first year and was meant to be a private event, this has never been an issue at Fight Night in the past.  UnderArmour is the title sponsor of the event this year and it seems to be a walking advertisement as there are slated to be many athletes sponsored by the company in attendance.  They have pared down the number of boxing legends that normally attend.  Usually, they have up to 10 that attend -- this year, it's only Gerry Cooney, Aaron Pryor, Earnie Shavers and Michael Spinks.  This changes the reason why many people in the past have attended the event.

This led me to get the impression that, although this was an event with a boxing motif, boxing press who are there for the main purpose of covering the actual live boxing, were not welcome.  When I sent a letter expressing those thoughts to the folks who were handling press credentials, they did not seem to deny that impression.  Therefore, I am not attending.  I would like to thank Marc Abrams of 15 for providing information on this card.


Anonymous said...

they really screwed up

Anonymous said...

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