Saturday, November 23, 2013

Marin Makes Short Work of Huffman!

Normally, David Warren Huffman means trouble for Beltway Boxers.  However, Alexandru Marin did not read that script.  Marin needed just 31 seconds to stop Huffman.
The left hook to the head was wide open for Marin and he took advantage repeatedly until Huffman dropped to the canvas.  Huffman did not beat the count.

(Photos by Juan Marshall)

Marin is now 2-0, two KO's.  Huffman is now 4-17-1, one KO.
Post-fight coming up.  Good night from Baltimore!


Anonymous said...

Wow This sounds like a Great Show.
wise up Suckers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, if you had bothered to buy a ticket and show up, you would have enjoyed it. Or maybe you would not have because you sound bitter. This was only one bout and does not paint a picture of the whole boxing card. The Polishchuk verus Womack bout alone was well worth the ticket price. I suggest that you actually come out and support local boxing with your money and then give your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Gary, no post-fight wrap-up? What was your view of the show?

Gary Digital Williams said...

Yep, I am having real difficulties with Spreaker about my recordings. I'm in discussions on that.

As far as the show, a real good show. Polischuk vs. Womack will get some votes for bout of the year. I'm not sure it overshadows Reed-Gil or Jackson-Benson vs. Maxell Taylor but for a bout that wasn't originally scheduled, it was a nice contest.

As I alluded to, why would Ayei Lama's folks put him in with someone the caliber of Demond Nicholson is totally beyond me.

Overall, a real good show.