Friday, October 18, 2013

Dezurn Earns Stoppage in First Round!

Glenn Dezurn, Jr. stops Carlos Alcala in the first round.  Alcala was never knocked down but Dezurn battered Alcala relentlessly until referee Dave Braslow brought Dezurn over to the ringside physician who looked at Alcala's left eye.  Dr. John Stiller couldn't stop the blood pouring into Alcala's eye and the bout was stopped at 2:05 of the first.

(Photos by Juan Marshall)

Dezurn gets his first pro TKO and is now 2-0, one KO.  Alcala is now 0-3 and all of his losses have come against Beltway Boxers -- Kevin Rivers, Jr., Marcus Bates and now Dezurn.

Next up -- Charlie Natal -- the cousin of Dusty Hernandez Harrison to face off against Baltimore's Kevin "The Scarecrow" Womack, Jr.  Four rounds in the junior welterweight division.

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