Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wilson, Davis Highlight October 5 Card in Springfield!

The first weekend of October will bring us a lot of boxing.  We've already told you about the October 4 card in DC.  There's another card on Saturday, October 5 as pro boxing returns to the ABC (Annandale Boxing Club) Sports Complex located on 6728 Commercial Drive in Springfield, VA.

Also returning to the promotional duties is Beltway Boxing legend "Sugar" Han Kim.  The former Virginia State Welterweight champion is bringing a card that features undefeated Alexandria, VA junior welterweight Todd "White Lightning" Wilson in his first bout of 2013.  Wilson (14-0, four KO's) hasn't fought since his six-round unanimous decision over John Willoughby on June 23, 2012 in Arlington, VA.  No word yet on Wilson's opponent.

Also slated to be on this card will be undefeated Baltimore, MD featherweight Gervonta "Rambo" Davis.  The 2012 National Golden Gloves champion (4-0, four KO's) scored a dominant second-round TKO over Rafael Casias in front of his home fans at the Coppin State University Physical Education Complex on July 20.
Ironically, we also saw Davis's scheduled opponent for this four-round encounter -- Marquise Pierce of Phillipsburg, NJ -- on that same July 20th card.  Pierce (1-2) lost a four-round unanimous decision to Glen Dezurn.  Pierce has fought once since that contest and he lost to Ronell Green by third-round TKO on August 16 in Wheeling, WVA.

Also slated to be on the card are two Springfield, VA boxers -- undefeated junior welterweight Edgar "The Tiger" Torres (3-0-1, two KO's) and debuting middleweight Shawn Carter.


Anonymous said...

C-mon Gary
you know Wilson was KOed and knocked flat on his face in Winchester va his last time out.

I know you are going to come back and say that you only print the facts and the facts are that the Virginia commission made Wilsons last fight a no contest.
Guess what? The facts are he got knocked the fuck out.
Hasn't this shit gone on long enough.So his opponent had smoked some herb. That would only hurt his opponent not help him.
Whats it going to be Mr Williams?
Are you going to hold Wilson to the same standard as every other fighter and are you going to tell it like it is?
Don't you get tired of polishing all of these fake peoples ego?

Anonymous said...

Wilson is a known quality so to speak. Everyone knows just what he is and what he is capable of doing. He did get knocked out by someone who wasnt much of a fighter however that doesnt stop old David from taking care of white lightning. It would be nice if Todd would step up a little bit but doubtful that will happen.

On another note, Edgar Torres is fighting....Great. Love this guy. He is an action packed fighter who is not scared of nobody. Best of luck to him on this card.

Anonymous said...

Thinking this one through aren't you Gary.I'm sure you will respond with something posative (but not neccesarily accurate)about wilson.
Since you and others claim that your the voice in boxing around DC.then you ought to say it like it is in this case.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I'm actually out at an event supporting our young Beltway Boxers. I'm going by what the commission has said. Especially since I did not actually attend the bout.

Besides, you won't be satisfied with what I say, so why bother?

Anonymous said...

I would be satisfied with the truth.You did exactly what I thought you would and take the easy way out.

(So why other ?)= chickenshit way out

Anonymous said...

I wanna see the best in the world which is Jonathan Torres. He is 24(22 KOs)-0-0. He is the best fighter in the state of Virginia. Lets see somebody take on this guy.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I couldn't find him on Boxrec. Where is he from in Virginia?

Anonymous said...

when he grows up he will be a beast.I think he is trained by Charlie kick the can King.