Friday, September 06, 2013

Weights From Rosecroft!

Here is the scale watch for the Keystone Boxing "Rumble at Rosecroft" card Saturday night at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD (photos by Juan Marshall):

Phil Jackson Benson 166 1/2 vs. Scott Sigmon 166

Alantez Fox 156 vs. Zain Shah 156 1/2

Mike Reed 140 1/2 vs. Rameses Gil 140

Joshua Davis 134 vs. Aaron Chavez 134 1/2

Eric Govan 173 vs. Jess Noriega 169 1/2

Marcus Bates 123 vs. Carlos Alcala 122

Ty Wright 135 vs. Benjamin Olinga 140 1/2

The card begins at 7:30 ET.  ProAm Fight Talk will have results of the undercard bouts.

The BATB live audio broadcast will begin at 9 PM ET on ( as we bring you the final three bouts (Jackson Benson vs. Sigmon, Fox vs. Shah and Reed vs. Gil) on the card.


Expert Pics Jerod said...

Phil stops Cujo due to bloody face and cuts.
Fox out-points Zain 60-54 Fox is to tall and throw god jab. Zain in to old and not much amture exparience.
Mike Reed beats Rameses Gil very easy 60-54 Reed is bigger and was overweight . Gil is really a 130 pounder. Reed beats him every round.
Jousha Davis stops Chavez in first round.
Eric Govan KO>s Jess Noriega in 2 rounds.
Marcus Bates was overweight against Carlos Alcala -this fight is a flip of the coin.
Ty Wright dec Ben Olinga 40-36 in a boring fight.

Brian said...

I can't wait

Anonymous said...

Phil Jackson will be tested this time. I still feel he is a major COCK SUCKER. I here they ran him out of NYC. If you loose SCOTT, Get a stick and ram it up your butt and start your next career as a DICK HEAD COCK SUCKER.All Fox fights are boring. Cant punch. Reed will beat the shit out of his opponent. Davis is a undercover FAGGOT. He will knock the shit out of his man.Govan who? Go Bates....I really mean really Go. Wright and Olinga, go home before the start of the fight. WEST COAST MOTHERFUCKA... Another card of BULL SHIT.

Anonymous said...

Mike Reed took a tough bout, I remember seeing Kavanaugh struggle with Gil. Respect.

Anonymous said...

Phil will loose. He got Scott mad as hell. Dont be a sore loser FAGGOT. GO back too NYC, and start your new career as a SERIOUS COCK SUCKER and BUTT SNIFFER. Got all these guys riding u like you like that. Well u are like that, thats why they Dicking u undercover still.

Anonymous said...

If this card is half as good in reality as it is on paper then we are in for a great night. Thanks Keystone for continuing to put on great shows.

Anonymous said...

Gil has not trained for this fight. Reed stops him in 1st or 2nd round. Gil is 30 years old. Reed won golden gloves a few years back.

Anonymous said...

Gonna be a really great show!

Anonymous said...

how much are tickets at the door?

Anonymous said...

Eight more hours before Phil gets his chin checked. Go Sigmon.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Davis. I know the look. I was once a fag, now im out the closet. You will win and after that cum give me some face..WEST COAST MUTHERFACKA>>>

Anonymous said...

Hey westcoast. Show your face, dont hide.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where has Duke been hiding lately after flashing them kids on the

LG said...

Kevin Wilson requested to see his private parts many times before on Sherrif Rd.

Anonymous said...

LOL He does rent a room out from Kevin Wilson. OMG

Anonymous said...

Holy Smoke:
Weights From Biloxi

Mike Seals 174 vs. William Johnson 173.4
Willie Monroe Jr 161 vs. Toris Smith 164
Joey Bryant 140 vs. Detrick Castor 140
Tyler Howard 172 vs. Davion Jones 171
Luis Galarza 151 vs. Aaron Anderson 151
Marquis Davis 162 vs. Anthony Bowman 159
Javonta Charles 198 vs. Steven Bartet 190.6
Mike Bissett 197 vs. Joey Crawford 194
Tom Howard 153 vs. James Gooding 156
Blayton Watson 166 vs. Keyon Thomas 165
Mike Doyle 132.5 vs. Jerry Couzens 136
Robert Hall Jr. 207 vs. Marvin Hunt 216
Thansis Michloudis 238 vs. Tyrone Williams 238
Justin Brunetti 154 vs. Lee Dawson 154.5