Friday, September 20, 2013

Arnie Dansicker Named MSAC Chair!

BATB has learned that Arnold "Arnie" Dansicker will serve as the new chair of the Maryland State Athletic Commission.  Dansicker was elected to the position Thursday night during a commission meeting.

Dansicker succeeds Bill McCaffrey, who passed away on September 6.  Dansicker has been a member of the commission for five-and-a-half years.  Prior to joining the commission, Dansicker was a successful promoter of boxing cards in the Baltimore area along with his brother, Casey.


Anonymous said...

Digital, What happen to pat panela?

Anonymous said...

Pannella is still the Executive Direction (commissioner). The chairman has a different set of responsibilities.

Baldy More said...

Hope your reign does well. I really enjoyed the commission when Chester O'Sullian and Al Flora were in it and we got boxing rekindled with Josh Hall, Max Kisner, Ben Po, Tommy Roth, Stu Sotosky, others... The best of success wished for Arnie Daniscker and crew!
---Baldy More