Saturday, July 13, 2013

News Update: Harrison, Lange, Jackson Benson!

Quick updates as we get ready for our co-feature:

Dusty Hernandez Harrison will battle Guillermo Vargas of Miami, FL in a six-round contest on August 23 in Dover, DE.  Vargas is 12-4, five KO's.

Great Falls VA junior middleweight Jimmy Lange was slated to return to the ring on Saturday, September 21 at the Patriot Center.  BATB has been officially told that entire card will not happen.  Lange still has not fully recovered from the knee injury that he suffered before his loss to Tony Jeter.  Lange is looking to return some time in the first quarter of 2014.

WBC Fecarbox Super Middleweight champ "The Real Deal" Phil Jackson- Benson will not participate on the August 3 Jeter Promotions card at Club One Fitness in Millersville, MD.  No official word on why Jackson-Benson is off the card but injuries are not a factor.

The card now becomes "Double Trouble 2" with Jeter defending his WBC Fecarbox Middleweight title and James Stevenson participating in a title contest.


Anonymous said...

why do you say the injury he had before the Jeter bout. It is so obvious what you are doing here.
The card at fairfax was not postponed because of an injury,you know it and I know it

Gary Digital Williams said...

I say that because that is the info that I received. It does not diminish what Jeter accomplished because Lange knew what he was getting into.

However, three sources have told me that Lange was not 100 percent going into the contest and is not 100 percent now.

Anonymous said...

this is damage control from the lange camp. everytime a fighter loses he always says or his people say"dont want to take anything away from him but the knee was bad or I had the flu or I broke my back or the most famous one was when david haye laid an egg against wlad and showed everyone his toe.

why cant they or jimmy just say I did not have it tonight tony was better tonight. it has been almost 10 months since that fight happened and still there are excuses.

jimmy should not have lost to an admitted D level fight like tony if he has any real hopes of fighting legit contenders or even a legit title at 154. I like jimmy but you are what you are and at 37 38 there is not much left.

Anonymous said...

what happen to the red head 140 pounder from VA?

Anonymous said...

Come on Wilson quit trying to put your name in the mix.
You turncoat

Anonymous said...

Dat der gary tilliams is done doing it agains! He is on jimmie langes payroll i's heres to tell you.
Jimyy be a nice man but him lose to that der jeter boy something bad. kinds of likes when that man squaele3d like a pig in that movie with burt regnyolds. so cut the squealing and starts appealing to retires from dat dere ring jimmy my main man.

da truth teller

Verona said...

This is cool!