Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BATB -- Eight Years and Counting!

Today is the eighth anniversary of Boxing Along The Beltway!  On July 30, 2005, I started this journey of recording what I truly believe to be the best boxing in the world.  Now, 4,724 posts later (counting this one), the Beltway Boxing scene and yes, even this blog, has become nationally and internationally known.

As I say every year at this time, thanks to everyone involved -- boxers, trainers, managers, promoters, commission members, fellow reporters and of course, the fans for your continued support in this journey.

There is one individual person I must thank.  Throughout the previous seven years, there is one thing that I thought the blog lacked on a consistent basis -- the ability to match names with faces.  I am not a good photographer and since I am much better with writing and talking so photos were something that I was willing to sacrifice.

Juan Marshall has been a godsend!  The pictures that he has taken for his own blog ProAm Fight Talk and for this blog have helped put faces to names and made them more recognizable.  I thank Juan for being as passionate about this vision as I have been.

This year, I will "celebrate" this anniversary in a way I have never done before -- by NOT attending a card.  Family obligations will not permit me to attend the next two cards in the area -- August 3 in Millersville, MD and August 10 in DC.  The other people I must thank are the ones who allow me to spend as much time as I do with this -- my wife Evelyn and my children Ciana, Christopher and Courtney.  Juan will be handling the coverage for both cards and he will do a great job!

Once again, my deepest gratitude to everyone as we start year nine and we "keep on keepin' on!"


Keystone Boxing said...

Congratulations, Digital and THANK YOU for all of the selfless work you do for the beltway boxing community.

foster said...

Congratulations and thanks


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary! I anticipate reading this blog every morning.

Anonymous said...

Linda Siadys

Bruce Frank said...

Thanks for keeping us all informed. You are my source of news everyday.