Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weights From Frederick, MD!

Here is the scale watch from the Frederick Fight Club in Frederick, MD:

Venroy July 198 vs. Frederick Johnson 196

Alexandru Marin 122 1/2  vs. Jacob Ninow 121 1/2

Mario Flores 194 1/2 vs. Rodney Dews 193

Lawrence Jones 154 vs. Norman Allen 157

Eric Govan 173 1/2 vs. Stephen Tyner 180

Devar Ferhadi vs. Stanley Harvey (both will weigh in today)

Edwin Reyes vs. Jarrett Robinson (both will weigh in today)  Reyes had a very good reason for not attending the weigh-in on Friday -- his son was born on Friday afternoon.  Congratulations!

The card begins at 7 PM and we will blog live from the Frederick Fight Club beginning at that time.  Hope you can join us!


Cyprian Khumalo said...

Evening Digital, wasn't Yuri supposed to be fighting on this card do you know what happened was looking forward to his fight, he is from our gym ?

Gary Digital Williams said...

No, Polischuk is slated to be on the July 20th card at Coppin State University in Baltimore. He was not slated for this show.

cyprian khumalo said...

Thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary what happend to DeAndre Davis he's not fighting?

Gary Digital Williams said...

Nope. Not on this card.