Saturday, June 08, 2013

Recap From DC!

Here's the recap on a very rough night of boxing at EchoStage Lounge in DC:

Lisa Garland of York, SC scored an eight-round TKO over "The Rage" Kerri Hill of Little Rock, AK.  Garland dominated the contest, which made women's boxing history as the title bout (WIBC and WBU Junior Welterweight titles were on the line) was scheduled for 12 three-minute rounds.

Garland eventually earned the stoppage by trapping Hill against the ropes until referee Kenny Chevalier stopped the contest at 1:06 of the eighth.

Garland is now 11-6, six KO's.  Hill falls to 4-25-1, one KO.  Garland has beaten Hill three times in her career.

The women's title bout was the lone bright spot in what was, honestly, an awful night of boxing with every other bout on the card ending inside the first three minutes of action.

The bout between Stevensville, MD middleweight and WBC Fecarbox champion Tony "Mo Better" Jeter and Jimmy "The Dream" LeBlanc of South Boston, MA ended in a no-contest after 1:08 of the first round.  Jeter is now 15-3-1, 10 KO's, one NC while LeBlanc is now 13-25-4, five KO's, one NC.

Newport News, VA heavyweight Jerry "Slug" Forrest scored a TKO over Derrick Aiken of Wilson, NC in just 36 seconds.  Forrest is 7-0, six KO's while Aiken is 2-12, two KO's.

White Plains, MD lightweight Terron "Kid" Grant stopped Joseph Dixon of North Carolina at 1:47.  Grant is 6-0, four KO's while Dixon is 0-4.

DC featherweight Marcus Bates dropped Joshua Hinnant of North Carolina with a right hand that eventually forced Hinnant to give up the bout at 1:34.  Both boxers made their pro debuts.

Baltimore super featherweight Gervonta "Rambo" Davis used a wicked body shot to stop Jonathan Gears of Wilson, NC at 1:36.  Davis is 3-0, three KO's while Gears was making his pro debut.

Jordan "The Kidd" Peters of DC blasted Wilson, NC's Jonathan Ganaway with a right hand that put him away at 48 seconds in the debut bout for both boxers.

DC welterweight Jarrell "Hell-Rell" Harris got the knockout parade going with a stoppage of Rahim Williams of Wilson, NC at 1:19 of the first in his pro debut.  Williams is 0-2.

G Promotions put on this card.

Here is the BATB Post-Fight Wrap-Up where Juan Marshall and I make some pointed comments about what we saw tonight.

Also, we had what turned out to be a very revealing and emotional interview with the new WIBC and WBU champion Lisa Garland.

We also talked to undefeated Baltimore super featherweight Gervonta Davis:


Anonymous said...

Gary - you're the best! Thanks for keeping it real. And Juan did a good job too. You guys love and respect boxing. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Will people be getting their money back? Who do we contack for such?

Anonymous said...

Shit show if i ever seen one. all fighters need a no contest on their record.

Anonymous said...

You all are saying this as though it was a surprise. Looking at the weigh ins update I could tell that this was a circus! Anytime you have fighters pitted against each other that are varying anywhere up to a difference in 3 different weight classes, you know its a flop! Anyone who went to this show and asked for there money back should be smacked! you dummies shoulda seen that before you paid for your tickets!

Anonymous said...

"this was s fiasco, thats about the nicest way i can put it" LMAO, i respect your honesty G.Williams. This show was a complete debacle

Clayton Reeves said...

I am contacting a lawyer and will be filing a suite again G Promotions. Someone is going to pay dearly for ruining my sat night.
I should have known better the moment I seen Vanilla Ice trying to dance in the ring. This guy is an abosolute QUACK. He actually had 3 local boxers sign a contract with him as a manager. Could hardly understand him as he told the crowd of less than 87 people about the "Gem" of his life. (wife) I would not be surprise to run into her at my lawyer's office monday morning. She most likely will be filing for a divorce. This Vanilla Ice wannabee was so confused and has to be banned from boxing. I witnessed one man make a fool out of everyone there(including myself). I will laugh last, he owns an eletric company and I want my money back. DC Boxing commision will be right beside me in court-room 103-A.

Anonymous said...

IA guy bet me the day before the fight, that every fight would be a first round ko, but I won the bet,,,,Jeterr’s was a first round no contest

Anonymous said...

terribliest show i been to ever. i rather saw paint dry or go to gay pride day.

Gilbert said...

I must admit the place looked good, perfect set-up for boxing. Much better looking now than last show I went to. (DC STAR) Unfortunatly, looks will only get you so far. This event will go down as the most unorganized boxing show in Washington DC history. Only 123 paying customers and each of them wanting their money back. Some threating with court actions. You cannot blame the local match-makers on this one. Brian Dillon nor Mike walters had anything to do with this. This was due to the promoter being extremely cheap and inexperianced. This new guy has never even laced on a pair of gloves. How did he expect to throw a show? I over-heard one gentleman saying this was better than a comedy show. It was a night-mare for everyone involved. A wasted saturday night! Next week will be no different. Everyone is fighting a bumb. All fights will again end in the first round. They will have a decent announcer in Henry Jones. Plus better ringcard girls. They do need to get them in the ring on the 1st. round, if not, we will never get to see them.

Anonymous said...

This is why Boxing is suffering in D.C.,I cant believe the commission willlet this shit go. When are you dumb ass fans (all 150) earn that Tony Jeter don't want to fight nobody and can't sell tickets,this has to stop I refuse to go to these make believe fairy tale shows.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day promoters tried to build 1 or 2 fighters at a time. The under card would carry the show. Now every manager want to fight bums to keep the record clean for some future pay day.Club level boxing has been on the decline because of this. It is now Dead. The promoters need to stand up and make good fights.Promoters having any financial interest in any fighter should be outlawed . The best fights for the longest time were the BALLROOM BOXING when Scott didnt care who won. The fight fan Won.This is why MMA is doing so well. They put on fights.

Anonymous said...

back of tonny jeeeter he is a the next champ and always puts on good shows. imagine if Sean Puffy Mccombs was the fighter.

Anonymous said...

Damn Puffy Mccombs talked all dat shit and got knocked the fuck out! Come on Gary tell him to quit already before he needs you to feed him pee soup!

date opponent W-L-D last 6 location
2013-06-08 Javonta Charles debut
Civic Center, Biloxi, Mississippi, USA L KO 1 4

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