Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kelly Lands Brutal Right to Score Third-Round Knockout!

Danny "Smooth" Kelly landed a vicious right hand and dropped Cleveland, OH's Rayshawn Myers to score a third-round knockout at 2:11.

In reality, Kelly had to work for this one as Myers's awkward style made things very difficult at times in the contest.  Things got rough enough in the first round where referee Joe Cooper called both men over and gave a stern lecture to the competitors.

Finally midway through the third, Kelly landed the brutal right that sent Myers to the canvas in a neutral corner.  Cooper immediately stopped the bout without a count.  Myers probably could have continued and vehemently complained to that effect but the bout was stopped.

Kelly remains perfect at 4-0, four KO's while Myers falls to 5-17-1, three KO's.

Intermission time.


Anonymous said...

Some thoughts...Myers needs to be more professional and not criticizing the judge, the ref, and the crowd. If he can't win the fight, why try to beat the refs call; Myers 0, Ref 10 counts. -j

Anonymous said...

Danny Kelly is the most classless, ignorant fighter I've ever seen and thinks he's waaaay better than he actually is.

Anonymous said...

Thomas said: Danny is just misunderstood by most and to add what fighter that doesn't thinks he is better than what he appears to be. So the next time u see Danny walk right up to him and tell him how u feel and stop being a coward.

Anonymous said...

Danny kelly started boxing just to beat your ass legally now that's what you call a very smart figher that's all that