Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jones Wins Four-Round Majority Decision Over Allen!

Lawrence Jones has won a four-round majority decision over Norman "The Shadow" Allen.  This was indeed a close contest between two veteran boxers that probably, in hindsight, deserved two more rounds.  Neither man landed any telling blows but each man had their moments throughout.

Judge Brent Bovell scored the bout even at 38-38 while judges Steve Rados and Paul Wallace saw the contest in favor of Jones, 39-37.    Jones is now 5-6-2, one KO while Allen has now lost eight in a row and is now 6-9, three KO's.

We are now in an intermission.


Anonymous said...

How can Brent Bovell be a judge for one fight and be reffing other fights? Shows you how inefficient the commision is.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Kenny Chevalier did the same. Maryland has done this for years. They have had referees also serve as judges as long as I have been covering the sport in the area.

It's not about inefficiency.

Anonymous said...

There are PLENTY of jobs in the world where a person can be skilled at performing two roles at a high level. Why waste someone who is talented in both positions? By the way, this is actually an example of "efficiency" not "inefficiency" as you inaccurately described.

Anonymous said...

Shows how efficient the commission is. First dude needs to find a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

1.Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
2.(of a person) Working in a well-organized and competent way.

Sounds like an official working as both a referee and a judge meets this definition.