Saturday, June 08, 2013

Jarrell Harris Kicks Off DC Card!

The pro debut of DC welterweight Jerrell "Hell-Rell"Harris (left) will start tonight's card as he takes on Rahim Williams of North Carolina in a four-round contest.  Williams is 0-1.


Anonymous said...

check this cat out, he scared walking to the ring. they got him from the greyhound bus station. LOL crowd is not here yet, someone is losing big money on this garbarge. lady beside me complaining already.

norman goedecke said...

what do you exspect when the promoter had five of his own fighters on that card for pro debues so give big props to the promoter for loosing over 2000.00 dollars for the love of the three world titles on that card .you should have been nwas awesome, tons of ko's. that's what fans want. so you snooze you loose . not hiding its me big money G don't hate.