Friday, June 14, 2013

Douglas, Attah Hit Scales!

Two Beltway Boxers weighed in for bouts on both the east and west coast of the country.

Antoine Douglas tipped the scales at 159 1/2 for his six-round contest tonight at the Richard J. Codey Arena at South Mountain in West Orange, NJ.  Douglas's opponent, Ibaheim King, weighed in at 160 1/2.  This card is on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights, so it's a possibility that Douglas's bout may make the telecast.

At the Chumash Resort Casino in Santa Ynez, CA.  Daniel Attah weighed 134 1/2 pounds for his eight-round contest against Rustam Nugaev, who tipped the scales at 136.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see dusty harrison and Antoine douglas fight i wonder who would win man that would be awesome

Anonymous said...

Action will stop Dusty!!!

Anonymous said...

theyre in two different weight classes you idiots!

Thats like sayin, I would like to Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson fight "I wonder who would win man that would be awesome"

Who F'in cares....theyre two totaly different weight classes you dumb F*CKS!!!!