Sunday, June 30, 2013

D. Speed Captures Outstanding Boxer Trophy at Millersville Amateur Card!

Drayvontay Speed of No Xcuse Gym in Capitol Heights, MD was named the outstanding boxer at the Jeter Promotions amateur card Saturday night at Club One Fitness in Millersville, MD.

Speed defeated Cornell Hines of NOMIS Gym in DC in an open contest fought at 141 pounds.  Speed's cousin, India, was also on the card competing in a 132 pound female novice contest.  However, India Speed fought and lost to a very precise-jabbing Amelia Moore of Club One in that contest.

In the only open contest of the evening, Shaundre Kellum-Gee of the Blue Star program at the Mobtown Gym in Baltimore won a bout at 201 pounds over Chauncey Fields of The Hurt Factory in Lynchburg, VA.

Many of the fans in attendance came to see eight-year-old Thomas Coe of Club One.  Coe previously entertained fans at Club One amateur shows during intermissions with his incredible work on the mitts.  On Saturday, Coe competed in his first amateur bout at 70 pounds and he won it, defeating Abdul Ali of Diamonds N Da Ruff.   

There was one title bout on the card -- Alex Gonzales of Club One won the Maryland State 108 Pound Novice title by defeating Vincent Goedecke of Legends Boxing.

Here are the results of the other bouts on the card:

123 Novice -- Andres Garibay (Laurel Boxing) over Nico Woods (Diamonds N Da Ruff)

114 Novice -- Joseph Budrou (Panhandle Boxing) over Cole Crumpler (The Hurt Factory)

132 Novice -- Donte Dunaville (Roanoke, VA) over Angelo Roces (Club One)

70 Novice -- Demarco Ross (Diamonds N Da Ruff) over Ricardo Romauldo (Club One)

131 Novice -- Tyler Kelly (Club One) TKO-3 over Charles Russell (Legends Boxing)

Heavyweight -- Davon Sullivan (No Xcuse) over Mason Grim (Club One)

152 Novice -- Chance Blizzard (Laurel) TKO-2 over Rodolfo Romauldo (Club One)

141 Novice -- Anthony Russo (Legends) over Gary Jones, Jr. (Enigma)

95 Novice -- Juan Jenkins (Blue Star at Mobtown) over Keith Cooke (No Xcuse)


Anonymous said...

Cornell would've never lost to a Noexcuse fighter if he was trained by Barry!!!

Cornell Hines said...

Stop hating and being anonymous doin it . He won he won .that don't got nothing to do wit the coach I didn't do my part in my conditioning and lost a real easy fight it happens but i aint no dick rider win or lose I'm wit my coach so who ever you is get off dicks

Anonymous said...

You need to get on Barry dick... Then your strenght & conditioning would've been great!!! That's a shame that you lose a easy fight,because your opponent is in better shape than you & don't have better skills!!! Get out of boxing, before you get hurt!! One day you'll fight somebody wit better conditioning & skills!!! Your coach is at blame for letting you take a match not in condition first of all & he need to save you from yourself anytime he let you go through wit any match not in condition!!! So quit if you not gonna get in best shape of your life anytime you plan on stepping in the ring!!!

Cornell Hines said...

Ppl like u going make the feeling even better when I do win something big

Anonymous said...

Loss a real easy fight?? Speed is never a easy fight and he showed it on Saturday night. He almost stopped you. You loss Period! Stop making excuses.

Anonymous said...

Cornell can train with Barry, Freddie Roach, Buddy Mcgrit, Virgil Hunter and it won't make a different. Speed still will win.

tommy coe said...
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tommy coe said...
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