Friday, May 17, 2013

Weights From UDC!

Here is the scale watch for the All-In-Entertainment card at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Sports Complex:
(Photos by Juan Marshall)

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison 145 vs. Eddie Soto 143

Jerry Odom 168 vs. Andrew Morias 164

Mike Reed 148 vs. Damon Antoine 147

Phill Brown 307 vs. Natu Visinia 268

Patrick Coye 174 vs. Charles Parker 168

Greg Newby 172 vs. William Prieto 166

Kevin Rivers, Jr. 126 vs. Jason Rorie 125

Charles Natal 149 vs. Delvery Woodford (will weigh-in tomorrow)

Deon Richardson 143 vs. Blair Cobbs 140

The Reed-Antoine bout may not happen although both men weighed in as if they would fight each other.  Reportedly, Antoine's camp did not agree to the contest.  As of now, however, the bout is on.

I'll be working with the GoFightLive broadcast team, so I may not be blogging live as much tomorrow.  By the way, the GoFightLive broadcast on will begin at 7 PM ET.  The broadcast begins at 7 PM ET.

We will have the full recap after the card is over and hopefully updates from both the locals on the Peterson-Matthysee card in Atlantic City.  We may not get final results from the National Golden Gloves in Utah until early Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Please let me know when Dusty going fight somebody for real at least Lamont Peterson fights they best Dusty fights the worst come on Buddy enough is enough

Anonymous said...

And I don't want to hear that he's only 18 so what the fuck he's a pro now let's see can he really fight

Gary Digital Williams said...

Why are you comparing Peterson who has been at the championship level for at least three years to Harrison who has only been a pro for less than three years?

You wanted Harrison to fight someone with a winning record -- he did so. A legitimate 12-6 guy going in. It's a small step up but he did it and he did it very, very well.

What, you want him to fight Malignaggi and Bradley after only 15 fights? I don't think so.

Lefty said...

let the 1 year pro build himself up. looks like they doing good job>15-0 9 ko's. how can you even compare him to peterson who is 30 years old? pops and dusty said they only called out kahn for marketing purposes and it obvious worked. i was at the fight and it was sold out by far. the eddie soto guy was 12-6 and they say even beat a world champion. wtf what else can you ask for. you seem to be just another hater who cannot stand sucess of dc far dusty camp is perfect and i take it, he gets paid well. now who the dummy? the kid always on tv, fights are on air, now his fight on world star hip hop, you so jealous. i can remember sparring thomas top dog williams sr. he was on top at the time with don king, people were so jealous of him to. if u are so smart, why you not dustys manager? LMFAO