Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ward Battles To Majority Draw in New York!

DC cruiserweight Andre Ward fought to a four-round majority draw against the debuting Jay Rodriguez of New York Wednesday night at BB King's Bar and Grill in New York City.

Ward got the nod on one card 39-37 but two other judges saw the draw at 38-38.  This is the third draw of Ward's career and his record now stands at 1-1-3.


Anonymous said...

this kid gets more draws than anybody. its actually amazing

Gary Digital Williams said...

The only other boxer in our area that has more draws than Ward is Elias Bouloubassis who has a record of 6-0-5. Five draws!!

Bruce frank said...

Richie Andrews is 5-3-3. Often a draw in the other guys hometown is really a win.