Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eight Locals Advance to Junior Olympic Nationals in June!

Eight Beltway amateurs will represent this region at the Junior Olympic Nationals in Mobile, AL in June.

Local boxers put on solid performances at the regional tournament in Chesapeake, VA this weekend.  Boxers in the 15-16 age group will be heading to Mobile.  Here are the results from Saturday's finals (thanks once again to Ricky Womack of PVA Boxing):

101 Pounds: Nick Sullivan (VA) over Dylon Price (MAA)

106 Pounds: Demetreus Young (PVA) over Zack Bartrum (WVA)

110 Pounds: Keeshawn Williams (PVA) over Caleb Caudill (WVA)

114 Pounds: Sergio Balanos (PVA) over Andrew Litteral (WVA)

119 Pounds: Mack Allison (SAA) over Nico Woods (PVA)

125 Pounds: Troy Isley (VA) over Martino Joles (MAA)

132 Pounds: Tyshawn Wilson (VA) over Kevin Garcia

138 Pounds: Mark Dawson (MAA) over Gene Sullivan (VA)

154 Pounds: Joel Castro (MAA) over Richard Foxwell (SAA)

176+ Pounds: Malik Titus (SAA)  over Davon Sullivan (PVA)

Here are the results from the other age groups:

11-12 Years:

65 Pounds: Tyreek Williams (PVA)  over  Alec Morrales (MAA)

75 Pounds:  Keon Davis (VA) over Kesean Bagwell (SAA)

80 Pounds: Ayyub Harris (MAA) over Chima Okora (SAA)

85 Pounds: Jermoine Royster (VA) over Sharif Owens (MAA)

101 Pounds: Keith Bagwell (SAA) over Jonathan Slone (WVA)

13-14 Years:

70 Pounds: Khalil Olverson (VA) over Kevon Cooke (PVA)

80 Pounds: Kavon Robertson (VA) over George McRay (PVA)

90 Pounds: Rudy Calixto (SAA) over Traveion Carpenter (VA)

95 Pounds: Keyshawn Davis (VA) over Jordan Hunter (PVA)

114 Pounds: Nicholas Chandler (MAA) over Rico Todd (SAA)

119 Pounds: Ameer Brown (PVA) over Shadid Bond (SAA)

132 Pounds: Cody Stang (AMA) over Umar Ali (PVA)

Congratulations to the Virginia Association of USA Boxing who took the team competition.  Potomac Valley Association came in second followed by the Mid-Atlantic Association.

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