Friday, May 03, 2013

Benson, Taylor Talk About The May 11 Fecarbox Title Bout in Millersville!

The Saturday, May 11 co-feature bout for the vacant WBC Fecarbox Super Middleweight championship looks to be a solid contest between Landover, MD's Phil Jackson Benson and Maxell "The General" Taylor of Baltimore, MD.  BATB teamed with the camera of Juan Marshall of ProAm Fight Talk to bring you conversations from both camps.

Here is Phil Jackson Benson (11-1, 10 KO's):

And now, Maxell Taylor (18-4-1, eight KO's)

If you would rather see the interviews on YouTube, here are the links:

Phil Jackson Benson

Maxell Taylor

The main event on the Jeter Promotions card is the second WBC Fecarbox title bout where Stevensville, MD middleweight Tony "Mo Better" Jeter (15-3-1, 10 KO's) defends his title against Victor "Magnifico" Correa of Mexico (15-5, 10 KO's).  Both title bouts are scheduled for 10 rounds.

The card also features the return of Laurel, MD heavyweight "The Big Ticket" Dwayne McRae (10-3, six KO's) against Norfolk, VA's Dennis Benson (1-6) in a six-round contest.  Also, undefeated Ferndale, MD cruiserweight "Slick" Nick Kisner (11-0-1, five KO's) battles Willie "Blackout" Chisolm of St. Petersburg, FL (7-14, four KO's) in a four-round contest.  There are also amateur bouts slated for the card.


Anonymous said...

How can you pay two 10 round bouts
in a small place like this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be spelled WBC Fakebox title, what a joke, this is the kind of stuff hurting boxing these days, everybodies walking around claiming to be a champion these days.

Anonymous said...

It's a legitimate title.. . Tony is ranked 15th in the world by the WBC. What does your know it all ass have to show for? That's what I thought, now shut the fuck up and have some humble pie you little cc

Anonymous said...

Im just curious on to how Jeter earned this title....was it his win over Jose Felix who was 11 wins and 11 losses coming into the 2nd bout?Or against Tyrell Brown who had been knocked out in the 1 round prior to his bout with Tony Jeter?I mean look at Jeters last 6 bouts:Jimmy Lange 38-4,Tyrell Brown 7-2,Jose Felix 11-11(who actually stopped Jeter in the first encounter)Ken Durham 6-12,Mike Mcfail 12-41-2,and Redmond coming in at 4 wins and 7 losses.
Explain to me how those wins qualify Jeters "title" shot?
The shame of it is the attention Jeter gets when there are alot more talented boxers in the region.
I mean name 1 prospect/contender from the DMV area you see Jeter beating?
Hell he bought his title and now he walks around claming to be a "champion"
Hell Correa his next opponent has been koed 4 times in the FIRST round!
If Jeter likes to walk around and talk the talk at least fight someone who can fight back and no Lange dosent qualify as hes been shot for sometime now.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Jeter won the vacant Fecarbox title against Tyrel Brown in September. That got him the ranking in the WBC. The win over Lange, who was once ranked, moved him eventually to number 15.

Other boxers have moved quicker facing lesser competition than this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr.Gary for your answer but I have to ask how would Brown be able to get a title shot coming off a first round loss?And how would Jeter qualify for a shot with coming off a loss to Felix-even though he latter avenged it?
Both McCalla and Stevenson-who are both from the beltway region have fought better opponents and have better records then Jeter but neither one are rated as high as Jeter in their weight classes.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Also, neither McCalla nor Stevenson have been as active as Jeter. McCalla fought for the first time since August last night. Stevenson has had all sorts of trouble getting bouts. Jeter has cultivated a nice relationship with the WBC. They know who he is. Other boxers need to take note.

Anonymous said...

So in others words he basically paid for his title-because lets face it it sure wasnt who he was fighting as to how he got his "title" shot.
Because your not going to tell me that Brown qualified for his shot by getting stopped in the first round in his prior fight.
The WBC basically knows Jeter because he has a venue he can promote out of readily and alot of other boxers in the area do not have that advantage.