Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recap From The Washington Golden Gloves Championship Finals!

Here is the list of the Novice and Open Winners from Saturday's Washington Golden Gloves Championship Finals.  Recaps of the bouts have already been posted earlier.

Novice Division:

123:  Marquise Pryor (UMAR)

132: Christian Bratton (Raw Assassin)

141: Dionte Burts (Woodland)

152: Lamonte Jackson (Cherry Lane) via W/O

165: Gregory Clark (NOMIS)

178: Jerrod Bowling (Benning Park)

201: Shaudre Kellum-Gee (Mobtown)

201+:  Jeffrey Knight, Jr. (First Class)

Women's Bout:

201: Desiree Abrams (Keystone)

Open Division:

114: Malik Jackson (Limelite)

123:  Gary Antonio Russell (Enigma)

141: Patrick Harris (Headbangers)

152: Kareem Martin (Headbangers)

165: Jerome Featherstone (Baltimore Boxing)

178: Joe Jones III (No Xcuse) via W/O

201: Albi Sadikaj (Raw Assassin)

Here is a special edition of the Boxing Along The Beltway Post-Fight Wrap-Up:


Anonymous said...

Garry on the front of your page take that down about me fighting on baby girl card, this is $ugarpoo, and I don't want to be connected with her in no way, thanx sir,and if u need to talk to me get my number from juice and call me

Gary Digital Williams said...

Where are you looking? I don't see what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Are the regionals on Friday or will they be on Saturday this year?

Gary Digital Williams said...

They will be on Friday, April 26 back in Waldorf.