Saturday, April 27, 2013

Here Is The 2013 DC Region Golden Gloves Team!

Here is the team that will represent the DC Region at the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions in Salt Lake City, UT May 12-19:

114 Pounds:  Malik Jackson, Washington, DC

123 Pounds: Gary Antonio Russell, Capitol Heights, MD

132 Pounds: Lamont Roach, Jr. Upper Marlboro, MD

141 Pounds: Patrick Harris, Hyattsville, MD

152 Pounds: Kareem Martin, Clinton, MD

165 Pounds: Jerome Featherstone, Jr., Joppa, MD

178 Pounds: Joe Jones, III, Temple Hills, MD

The Novice Golden Gloves champions for 2013 are:

114 Pounds: Noah Crespo, Alexandria, VA

123 Pounds: Marquise Pryor, Baltimore, MD

132 Pounds: Christian Bratton, Greenbelt, MD

141 Pounds: Diego Abregu, Sterling, VA

152 Pounds: Matthew Abregu, Sterling, VA

165 Pounds: Lamonte Ridley, Emporia, VA

178 Pounds: Jerrod Bowling, Washington, DC

201 Pounds: Shaundre Kellum-Gee, Aberdeen, MD

201+ Pounds: Chris Laws, Newport News, VA

Here is the Post-Fight Wrap-Up Show from Waldorf:

We also have an interview with the Outstanding Boxer of the Tournament, Patrick Harris who is joined by former Beltway Boxer Robert McConnell, Sr. in this Juan Marshall photo:

We also talk with Malik Jackson who has already punched his ticket to Salt Lake City:


ACW said...

2 Questions: Why was it DC/MD vs. VA? No DC/MD fights?

Also, what's the difference between novice Golden Gloves and regular GG?

Gary Digital Williams said...

There are three sanctioning bodies of USA Boxing at work.

Potomac Valley -- DC and PG and Montgomery County
South Atlantic -- Baltimore and its surrounding areas
Virginia Association -- Virginia.

Potomac Valley and South Atlantic team up to have the Washington Golden Gloves championships while Virginia teams with North Carolina for their championships.

The winners of those compete in the regionals. Novices have a lesser number of amateur bouts and age, I think, plays a factor.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the 201 pound open fight that was supposed to happen?

Anonymous said...

Novice is less than 10 fights, open is more than 10. Age is no difference between the two. I believe seniors are 16 and above unless thats changed. I was 16 when I was fighting open at least, but thats been a while so maybe the age has changed, but still don't think so.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Not exactly sure what happened with the open 201 bout. There is a possibility that the novice 201+ champ, Chris Laws, may be put onto the Open team as the 201 competitor. That's what I was told.

Anonymous said...

Albi Sadikaj was injured while sparring and Darnell Price II was crown champion and will represent the region in 201 class. Chris Laws wil represent in 201plus class

Anonymous said...

are there any white people on the open team.
Are there any people from va or NC
on the open team?
Guarenteed there may have been officials from va working the fights but can also guarentee you
that they were never in a capcity
as judges to make a winning decision for a VA or NC fighter.
Even when these facts are brought to light the people who have run the tournament in the past and the people who run it now don't give a shit what anybody thinks about how corrupt it is.
somebody who just don't give a shit.

PS.don't give me that shit that there are people on the novice team
from VA.
Novice fighters don't advance.

Fuck you, you bunch of crooked bastards

Gary Digital Williams said...

Actually, there was only one boxer in the open division from North Carolina slated to box Friday night and that was Darnell Price from Camp Lejeune. Everyone else was from Virginia.

There were indeed, VA representatives who were seated as judges alongside those from Potomac Valley and South Atlantic. They were in positions to judge bouts but they, apparently judged in favor of the DC/MD boxers.

Considering the fact that the man who runs the tournament is Caucasian and the man who is the head of Virginia Association of USA Boxing is also Caucasian, I seriously doubt race plays a factor here.

Hope everyone else gives this fool the same treatment myself or Discombobulating Jones gets when they claim we play the race card.

Anonymous said...

He is a fool; and a white fool at that. However, Henry Jones has him beat by far. Gary, I've never hear you place the race card. Anyway, I'd like to give the "Cracker" an ear full, but two wrongs never make a right.

Anonymous said...

Actually i didnt read anything about the race of individuals in the post. I just read about geographic locations in which fighters are from. Since you say the word "cracker" i am assuming you are not of a pale skin tone? Youre the one who is being racist in your remarks and digital your the one who brought the race up first. Havent visited this site for a while and this is the reason why. A person cannot come on this blog and post their opinion without you digital bringin the race card into it. Very sad and I will not be visiting this site that used to be about boxing and now is a waste of space. And people wonder why boxing struggles in this area. Because we are all divided against ourselves. A white fighter cannot win a fight without someone saying he won the fight because of his skin tone and a black fighter cannot win a fight and someone say he won it because he had a horrible up bringing and it was a gift for that. GROW THE FUCK UP and maybe the sport will take back off in the entire area.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Considering the post's first question was "are there any white people on the open team," I think this guy wasn't thinking about geographic locations first. I didn't bring up the race card first in this situation.


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