Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good Evening From The Show Place!

Hi everyone from ringside at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD for Keystone Boxing's "Showdown at Showplace" card.

The first item we should tell you about is the bout that will not be on the card.  The reason given as to why it got cancelled is, quite frankly, one of the stupidest reasons I have ever heard.  Also, the reason given, apparently, falls indirectly on me.

The first bout was slated to feature two debuting heavyweights -- Deverine Miner of Capitol Heights, MD and Glenn Thomas of East Stroudsburg, PA.  Thomas was originally slated to take on the Ecuadorian heavy Ytalo Perea but Peres had to back out of the fight.

Thomas was offered another bout and took it on one condition -- that he be put on the "A" side of the card.  This means he would be fighting out of the red corner as if he was a hometown boxer.  Again, Thomas was slated to fight Miner who actually IS a hometown boxer.

Now, here's where I come in.  When I saw the weights, I did what I normally do -- put the hometown boxers on the left side or "A" side, regardless of what corner they actually are in.  I was unaware of any deal made to the contrary.  The scale watch was posted on Fightnews as well as Boxrec, with Thomas on the "B" side.

When Thomas saw this, apparently, he went crazy, leaving nasty messages everywhere and then backed out of the fight.

After all is said and done,  the real reason the bout is off may be that Miner weighed in at 296 1/2, not to mention 6'9" and Thomas is just 237.

Be that as it may, we'll be ready to start here in a few minutes.

Here is further information on the crazy situation involving the Miner-Thomas scheduled bout:

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Richard McCombs said...

No need to explain Gary I along with everyone that know you know your not apart of any foul act...this guy just didn't have the balls to face the Giant point blank.