Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fox Weighs 156 For Tulsa Tussle!

Alantez Fox weighed in at 156 pounds for his contest tonight at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tulsa, OK.  His opponent, Keith Collins, tipped the scales at 161, three pounds over the contracted weight of 158.

The bout, however, is still on.


Anonymous said...

what is keith collins record? is this an 10 rd fight?

Anonymous said...

Keith Collins is 4-22 with 2 ko's and has been koed 4 times

Gary Digital Williams said...

This is a bout that was found for Fox at the VERY last minute. Fox was slated to be on the Keystone card last Saturday but no opponent could be found.

Boxing 360, Fox's promoters, got this bout on this charity card in Tulsa. I think it's either a four or six-round bout.

Anonymous said...

6 rds