Monday, March 04, 2013

Second Day Results; Third Day Bout Sheet For Washington Golden Gloves!

Here are the results from the second day of competition at the Washington Golden Gloves held on Saturday, March 2 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD:

There were two championship bouts in the Junior Division as Chamar Flowers from Headbangers won the 11-12, 80 Pounds title with a win over Salvador Escamilla of Langdon.  Also, Hakeem Middleton of Woodland captured the 14-15, 112 Pound division title with a victory over Deron Whitley of Laurel Boxing Club.

Other Junior Division results:

9-10, 65 Pounds: Eric Acosta (Main Street) over Ricardo Romualdo (Club One)

11, 86 Pounds: Kobe Moore (Main Street) over Richard Pearson (No Xcuse)

11, 86 Pounds: Kyron Curry (UMAR) over Adam Calixto (Main Street)

12-13, 85 Pounds: Rudy Calixto (Main Street) over Mekhi Payne-Dey (Keystone)

12-13, 100 Pounds: Siete Shuler (Langdon) over Cory Matthews (Enigma)

13-14, 115 Pounds: Andres Garibay (Laurel Boxing Club) over Charlie Tuckson (Young Titans)

16, 125 Pounds: Daron Williams (Benning Park) over Michael Cate (LA Boxing)

Novice Division:

132 Pounds: James Early (NOMIS) over Andrew Barrett (Laurel)

132 Pounds: Nathan Jackson (NOMIS) over Gorur Karyah (Tony's Gym)

141 Pounds: Dionte Burts (Woodland) over Jalil Hunter (Headbangers)

141 Pounds: Terrance Smith (Loch Raven) over Alejandro Zen (Champions)

152 Pounds: Lamont Jackson (Cherry Lane) over Ignacio Marion Suartz (Laurel Boxing Club)

165 Pounds: Tyrell Johnson (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Bryan Mata (Ground Control)

178 Pounds: Lamar Pierce (Club One) over Jordan Payne (NOMIS)

201 Pounds: Jordan Scott (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Daniel Steel (LA Boxing)

It will be an eventful third day of competition on Saturday, March 9 back at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center as all the Junior Division bouts scheduled will be championship contests and the Open Division will get underway as well.

Here is the scheduled bout sheet:

Junior Division (all CHAMPIONSHIP bouts):

9, 60 Pounds: Ragahleak Bartee (Tony's Gym) vs. Tyrek Williams (unattached)

9, 70 Pounds:  Quincey Williams (Tony's Gym) vs. Jacob Matthews (Enigma)

10, 70 Pounds: Jordan Jones (Headbangers) vs. Kesean Bagwell (Charm City)

9, 75 Pounds: Antonio Tate (Kenilworth) vs. Lawerence Malcolm (Enigma)

12-13, 100 Pounds: Siete Shuler (Langdon) vs. Vincent Goedecke (Legends)

13-14, 115 Pounds: Andres Gabiray (Laurel Boxing Club) vs. Keleaf Tate (Kenilworth)

16, 110 Pounds:  Rasheed Wright (Headbangers) vs. Keeshawn Williams (unattached)

14-15, 119 Pounds: Ivan Calixto (Main Street) vs. Jared Gravely, Jr. (Keystone)

16, 119 Pounds: Ronnell Jackson (No Xcuse) vs. Cory Moore (Main Street)

Two competitors are unopposed champions.  Congratulations to:

Kevon Cooke (No Xcuse) 13, 65 Pounds

Juan Jenkins (Mobtown) 13, 95 Pounds

Novice Division:

123 Pounds: Raul Santana (No Xcuse) vs. Christopher Pak (LA Boxing)

132 Pounds: Christian Bratton (Raw Assassin) vs. Jefri Gutierrez (Laurel Boxing Club)

141 Pounds: Michael Martin (LA Boxing) vs. Eric Johnson (Keystone)

141 Pounds: Donald Nalle (Old School) vs. Terry Romualdo (Club One)

141 Pounds: Mikhail Kozlov (LA Boxing) vs. Terrance Smith (Loch Raven)

152 Pounds:  Jacob Gabian (Laurel Boxing Club) vs. James Poe (Old School)

152 Pounds: Evqueny Metchenov (Laurel Boxing Club) vs. Kristopher Gatling (Hillcrest)

165 Pounds: Gregory Clark (NOMIS) vs. Esteban Sanchez (Hillcrest)

201 Pounds: Darnell Pierce (Club One) vs. David Butler (Enigma)

201 Pounds: Shaundre Kellem-Lee (Mobtown) vs. Jeremy Boyle (Sugar Ray Leonard)

Open Division:

123 Pounds: Cesar Rojus (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Gary Antonio Russell (Enigma)

141 Pounds: Drayvontay Speed-Rawls (No Xcuse) vs. Patrick Harris (Headbangers)

141 Pounds: Jarrell Harris (Unattached) vs. Cornell Hines (NOMIS)

Action gets underway at 7:30 PM and tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for kids..


Anonymous said...

Where are the rest of the open bouts at..
Theres not only 3

Anonymous said...

Are you for real? Tickets are $35.00 dam this high as shit for amateur fights, What ever happen to $10.00 & $15.00 dollar fights.

Somebody is getting paid, and I don't need to hear the sh*t about they pay for travel and all that. The Golden Gloves is approximately three months.

Somebody is getting paid. !!!!!

Gary Digital Williams said...

The open bouts BEGIN this Saturday and will continue through the rest of the month into April. This is usually how the tourney runs.

Anonymous said...

Judging this past Saturday was horrible. There was 4 or 5 bouts where the kid got robbed for sure. PVA judges need to be held accountable for this type of in broad daylight robberies. It does nothing for the kids who wins on favoritism or loses because of.

Anonymous said...

Yes there where many robberies indeed

OC MD said...

Rudy Calixto beat the living day-lights out of Mekhi Payne. The ref should be penalized for allowing this fight to continue on. Look at the fight on youtube. It was a complete mismatch. Also, why is is so damn hot in there. I was sweatinging bullets five minutes after walking in the door. I think they turn the heat up just to sell drinks.

Gary Digital Williams said...

My apologies! I had the wrong price for tickets earlier. It has been corrected.

Anonymous said...

That favortism is terrible, its makes boxers scared to fight because they know they can get robbed, espically if you fight a headbanger you getting robbed

Anonymous said...

Man That's bullshit, Jalil Hunter who is the son of Barry Hunter fought and lost. Stop hating on the Head Bangers. But I agree, the judges should be properly trained before they are allowed to judge a fight mainly tournaments.

Hey Gary what are the ticket price.

Mansur V-Dey said...

@ OC MD...Your comment is amazing! Obviously you didn't look at the fight or the video for that matter. Or, could it be that the judging comment were geared at the Payne-Dey v. Calixto fight, and the truth hurts! Could this be the same Mekhi Payne-Dey that beat Rudy to win the 2013 R3 Silver Gloves, and had him crying like a baby when it was said & done? And whomever ever you may be, kindly save any further comment directed our way to share with me directly.... Don't hide behind your keyboard!

Drew Ali said...

Saying you follow the Moorish faith has become the new "I'm 1/16th Cherokee," at least among financial fraudsters. All across our great, greedy nation, people are falsely claiming Moorish Scientist status in order to file phony legal documents, avoid paying taxes, and declare one's self above the law, among other illegal things.

Anonymous said...

the heat was not turned up to sell soft drinks. the park service controls the temperture range, not the gym. furthermore, the fight was not a blow out, it was very close and could have went either way. children always win in moms eyes. the loosing party should have not critized the judges, for they are all volunteers. i have seen the score cards and there was no favortism shown what-so-ever. the cross out on the 2nd round was an honest mistake and was corrected immediatley.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if the judges volunteer or are paid? A bad judges bout is just that, a bad judged bout.

Anonymous said...

im not paying 35 for these trash fighter. no dayday or dany krlly,dusty,mike reed,antonio williams or russell family plz. not getting my money

Anonymous said...

come on gary 35 with no forner champs. where are the guys i just named at.

Gary Digital Williams said...

1. The tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for kids. The first report was a mistake on my part.

2. This is an amateur card not a pro card.

3. Where are the guys you just named? Most of them have started pro careers -- after forging very successful amateur careers. You just named four former National Golden Gloves Champions.

Those great boxers have moved on to the next level. Now we find out who's next. That's why this event is so important this year.

By the way, a member of the Russell family will compete this year -- Antonio.

Anonymous said...

where can i find the videos of these fights?

Gary Digital Williams said...

You may find some videos on YouTube. Other than that, Juice Gatling records the bouts but you have to come and ask him how much he charges.

Anonymous said...

Jalil Hunter got robbed he put on a show throughout